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    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Very, very impressive work. Suggestions: 1) Add a menu option to toggle between snapping objects to terrain normal or maintaining perfect upright position when placed. 2) When selecting multiple objects and rotating them, all objects should maintain their positions and directions relative to the object that was selected first, so that groups of objects can be rotated as if they were a single object. 3) When holding the shift key, increase the speed that the camera moves and that objects are nudged. When holding control, decrease the speed that the camera moves and that objects are nudged. Rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button rather than the middle mouse button. 4) Add the option to export a clean mission.sqm containing all placed objects under sides BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, and under the EMPTY side, all objects except Misc, Modules, and Locations so that we can load this mission.sqm in the default editor and add waypoints and whatnot. 5) If at all possible, remove the unwanted movement in certain directions when making fine position adjustments of objects that have been rotated, as this problem makes perfectly lining up two objects to form a larger structure difficult. This effect is small and relatively unnoticeable, and other editors released by AAA companies (such has HALO's Forge mode) have this problem to a much greater extent. Reasoning behind these suggestions: I came across this mod seeking a way to carefully construct fortifications and bases, such as on Altis in the northwest where buildings are scarce. At first, I wrote a script which will take all objects selected by Zues then gather their class names, positions, and rotations and then transfer this data into a clean mission.sqm and copy it to the clipboard, so all you have to do is load up a Zues mission, build a base, select all items in the base, press the key, then paste it into a text document and save it as mission.sqm. It worked perfectly, after loading up the mission.sqm in the regular editor I had a map with all those objects normally unavailable in the editor perfectly placed, I could go in and add waypoints, units, and modules. But then I tried to actually create a real base. I ran into a frustrating problem. Zues lacks precise movement and control of objects, and it is very frustrating to work with fortifications such as fences. Unlike large buildings, small objects are snapped to the normal of the terrain rather than kept level, making the creation of a decent looking wall all but impossible. So I gave your editor a try. The controls are not fluid like Zues, but the precision is top notch. Unfortunately, I ran into a similar problem to the one I was having when trying to actually build a fortified outpost. Some objects snap to the terrain normal, and there is no button to level them out! When trying to create a bridge to an island on Altis using piers, I noticed they all went caddywhompus when I would place them. The only workaround I could find was to place a pier on the flat runway, copy it, then move my camera all the way over to where I wanted to actually place it! This became quite tedious as I wanted to quickly place down objects to see what looked good where, and I had to rapidly open and close my map to move my camera. I also found it frustrating to "deselect" objects, as I would often move then accidentally when trying to click somewhere in empty space. Only moving objects when the mouse clicks and holds over the bounding box would help with this, rather than allowing a click and drag operation anywhere on the screen when the object is selected. I also did not like that I couldn't export a mission.sqm, and had to find a separate converter to convert the files. I also ran into some errors when loading up the missions in the regular editor after converting them. It would be nice if we could generate a very rudimentary mission.sqm that only includes static objects. Basically, a mission.sqm that ONLY includes anything placed under BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, and EMPTY->Default excluding modules, locations, and misc. Then we could load it up quickly and add in waypoints and whatnot. It shouldn't be terribly hard to do this at all. Additionally, I noticed that when doing precision alignments by nudging, objects would move in slightly the wrong direction along their local x and y axes. This probably has to do with a problem in the precision of the coordinate system in ArmA and the use of floor or cieling commands, but I have no idea. You can see this by taking a smooth object (like a pier) and rotating it randomly on a flat surface, then copy and paste it and try to line the two up so they are perfectly flush. When you zoom in and look at the "seam" you will see that as you nudge it close to its partner, it also moves slightly to the left or right when you did not want it to. Also, when rotating multiple objects that are selected at the same time, they do not maintain their positions relative to each other, all of them spin about but remain in place. This looks pretty, but it is almost entirely useless functionality. It would save tons of time by allowing us to place multiple objects, get them lined up, and copy paste the conglomeration wherever we want it then rotate the whole thing into place. The last thing that irked me was that I kept hitting shift to move the camera faster, and ended up slowing it down. shift to move the camera slower seems counterintuitive. I would swap shift and control so that holding shift moves the camera faster and also allows you to nudge faster, while control slows those features down, yet I would keep shift for rotating and control for raise/lowering. The middle mouse to rotate the camera seemed off as well, I would use right click instead.