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  1. MCC Sandbox when saved to SQM used to put in the "this setpos" which was so handy for example i sunk walls into the ground or certain objects like the concrete pier for making foundations however it doesnt do this anymore Just wondered firstly is there an old version availible that does do this (stopped working in the last 3 releases)... or any chance this could be put back into mcc ?
  2. Hi, MCC Sandbox is not giving out the setPos when i press save MCC or save ALL Has this feature been taken out Shay ?
  3. Is there an issue currently with MCC not saving the setpos ?
  4. Is it likely that hotfix 1.30 will be released today ?
  5. After playing around with it over and over it seems it does save the offset if you enable allign to terrian but disable the smooth placing... this is the only feature it seems to work....
  6. Hello Thanks for including the new save mode, this works perfectly for my editing. I ve noticed the program no longer saves elevation, in previous MCC sandbox version i was able to sink a billboard or a wall into the ground a little it does this in the editor but when saved and loaded on to the server they align with the terrain :( unsure if this is an arma issue or if the previous versions of MCC saved elevation
  7. Bump also has the new version been released yet ?
  8. I notice with this version which didnt happen with previous versions if i place a billboard for example and sink it into the ground a little... i go into editor on preview and its sunk into the ground... the moment it goes on the server it isnt sunk into the ground Anyone else having this issue ?
  9. Awesome i will try for now Excellent news! thankyou!
  10. Yes he replied and said he would add it into the next update... In the meantime anyone have MCC Sandbox 3 still in there download folder ? I know its a long shot
  11. Thanks for the reply I know how to add stuff into the mission.sqm, the problem with mcc sandbox 4 for me is that it includes everything in the sqm when you paste it into notepad even things already in your mission, thats not a bad thing but it loses all the settings you have for each item. I am editing a altis life sqm. It was MCC Sandbox 3 i was using
  12. Because in MCC Sandbox 4 when you press save to .sqm and goto notepad it saves the entire list of items in the mission rather than the last things you just added and not including the stuff already in the mission.sqm
  13. Is there a way i can download MCC Sandbox 2 or other older versions ?