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  1. Hello! AH-64 best mod for ARMA 3 I ever seen, but it have some limitations. So, this 4 things I will like to see in the mod: 1) Can you make, to allow one MPD on the FCR Page and second MFD to the ASE Page at same time ? it will be usefully often in combat situations! ( I mean one MPD with Radar information, second MPD with Radar Warning Receiver information in same time!) 2) Can you make a FLIR page on MPD for the Pilot ? To allow pilot see where is he looking at the moment. 3) Can you make a Shilka Threat icon on the ASE (RWR) MPD page, to make AH-64 full capability with RHS/CUP mods ? 4) Can you make the laser designator controllable? I made translation into Russian of your tutorial, with link on your channel!
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    Hello, I played in Argo and this game I like very much. And I have Arma 3 offcouse. So - there is my quastion: How to make in ARMA3 aiming like in Argo ? In ARGO then I push aim button I have iron sight + zoom (reduse POV), then I push in Arma 3 I just have iron sight without Zoom! I just want play in Arma 3 with same control I have in Argo! And I wanthave same aiming algorithm in ARMA 3
  3. Guys, I want in ARMA3 make same aim logic than in ARGO. When I press V (I set aim in argo to "V" becouse i usually use V for aiming in most games) I want in ARMA3 get same results (one pressing V switch to zoom + aim and second pressing V go back to usual view). How I can do it ?
  4. Guys, How turn off unrealistic WHITE TARGET BOX (TARGET DESIGNATOR) ? I want to use aircraft HUDs (Green) Designator and radar to find the enemy! Thanks! And coupe questions for the developers. If you released JETS, maybe you can expand your maps with making small islands (only for airfields) or aircraft carriers far away from center of the map, where main islands like Malden or Tahoa will be in the center. I think, a distance between these small islands (start point for jets aircrafts) must be about 100nm. This will make Jets gameplay more realistic. You will be able make realistic maximum speeds 2+ mach, and realistic supersonic cruise speeds, you will be able to create afterburner mode for engines, and offcouse realistic radar distance with search and track about 50 nm. Air to Air missles like AIM-120 will shoot from realistic range too (about 15-20 nm) I think, it will be real cool thing for all fighter pilots in ArmA3.
  5. Guys, exelent mod. I realy enjoy with it for A2. But I have couple questions about this mod for A3 - in ARMA 3 Workshop I find a few type of N&F AH-64D, which of them is lastest version ? -How I can change waypoints from next to pervious ? -I dont see Tunguska SAM on the ASE page. Do you plan to add Tunguska threat from popular mod CUP Vehicles ? -We cant put same picture in MPDs - Is this confines of ARMA 3 core, not real Apache, right ? (I just want put on Left MPD - ASE mode, at same time with FCR or TSD ATK on the Right MPD), I think it will be very comfortable for combat. - Do you plan to make FLIR mode on the MPD like it was in Janes Longbow ? (This feauture have RHS Ka-52) - After A3 "Jets" release Do you plane to make avaible change range on the FCR page ? - Do you plane make Laser turn on/off capability ? (Comanche in ARMA 3 can it) -After A3 "Jets" release - do you plane to make avaible change arming pilons in the editor menu ? - Is AH-64A project is closed ?
  6. Can we see +1 bullet in a barrel after tactical reload ? Why this feature is not still released? Thnx for reply.