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  1. _DeXTeR_

    Cant play game

    Right click is not working in game, is it clear now maybe for you. I mean it works when ad some other command on it. But it seams that for me and some other players game cant zoom in and zoom out. No optics no aim on iron sight,.
  2. _DeXTeR_

    Cant play game

    To much things to do for fixing stupid thing. My mouse is OK i play normally other games only have problems with zoom in this game. If support cant fix my problem I dont know who can, thx for you help but there is more games to play if I dont fix this problem.
  3. _DeXTeR_

    Cant play game

    Sorry no help here.
  4. _DeXTeR_

    Cant play game

    Tried everything but nope nothing helps, thx for help guys and goodbye.
  5. _DeXTeR_

    Cant play game

    You think on Support or something else.
  6. _DeXTeR_

    Cant play game

    I have installed game I try it but then I found out my zoom is not working I tried everything nothing helps. Plus what ever you change on keyboard it seams buggy. 0 help from Support, so it seams Delete the game with negative comment.
  7. _DeXTeR_

    Zoom IN Zoom Out

    I dont see any option for reset controls.
  8. _DeXTeR_

    Zoom IN Zoom Out

    It seams I dont have option in this game to zoom in. Point is I have them but they are not working. I change zoom in only to right mouse button it doesnt work at all.