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    Dedicated server mission auto start

    Try using the startup parameter -autoInit
  2. Have you tried setting these values via script instead? They seem to stick once placed in init.sqf.
  3. Hi, Has anyone used the sector/area modules with alive profiles? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. Will there be an option at one point to use configuration settings to disable these as opposed to removing pbos?
  5. Is there a way to disable the AI skills module? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, Similar to the ALIVE_fnc_createProfilesFromUnitsRuntime, what is the best way to pass in a single group (or unit name) to get profiled at run time? I spawn some AI via script and would like to profile these units (but not necessarily invoke the profiler across all un-profile groups). Thanks
  7. Thanks for this; however, I'm looking to disable the AI skills module. Without removing the pbo, how can this be changed? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, Will there be a way to disable features with ACE through modules and/or script without the need to remove PBOs from all client machines? That certainly would make it quite a bit easier. Several of our players are not as technical, and the use of PWS is great. To have them go into their file system and remove PBOs has proven challenging upon each new release. Thanks
  9. Hi, Is it possible to have a custom objective in which AI profiles are distributed randomly across the custom objective's size/radius? For example, on Altis, there are a few areas which Alive does not recognize as a civilian or military area (despite having civilian or military buildings). The only way I believe one can add AI/profiles to that area is to create a custom objective with defined AI placement (infantry, spec ops, etc.); however, the AI get spawned in a very tight area (as opposed to randomly across a define TAOR). Thanks!
  10. d_pfrommer

    ASR AI 3

    Is it intended for 1.43 or 1.42? Isn't the next major release on 4/8 going to be 1.42? Or am I off?
  11. d_pfrommer

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    Has anyone else had any problems running the latest version of this mod on a dedicated server?
  12. Just my two cents... These guys carve out quite a bit of time each week of their personal time into this mod, without asking anything in return. Many hours, I'm sure, are spent at night after work and family obligations to ensure we have a fun, quality mod to enhance our entertainment experience. IMO, if they want to add some branding, they deserve it. Outside of the workarounds for removing the intro, if the branding is still bothersome, one can always deactivate the mod.
  13. Actually, I believe I figured it out: 1) I need to set the mcc_sidename variable server-side prior to calling the spawninzone function (as this gets passed ultimately to the pv_handler and is mapped to _p_mcc_grouptype locally). 2) For roadblocks, one has to pass in a constant not a string for side: EAST as opposed to "EAST" Is this correct? Thanks
  14. Hi shay, I did look up the functions and was able to spawn roadblocks and units in zones when executing on the local machine, but executing in a dedicated server causes errors: Spawning infantry in zones... [1,"GROUP","LAND",true,"BUS_InfSquad",'configFile >> "CfgGroups" >>"West">>"BLU_F">>"Infantry">>"BUS_InfSquad"',"NOFOLLOW","Security Patrol"] call MCC_fnc_MWSpawnInZone; ... Error... "MCC: attemping to spawn" Error in expression <e select (mcc_zone_number)) select 1) , mcc_sidename , player , mcc_request , mc> Error position: <mcc_sidename , player , mcc_request , mc> Error Undefined variable in expression: mcc_sidename File mcc_sandbox_mod\mcc\general_scripts\mcc_SpawnStuff.sqf, line 328 Error in expression <mcc_iszone_update) then { if (TypeName _p_mcc_grouptype != "STRING") then {_p_m> Error position: <_p_mcc_grouptype != "STRING") then {_p_m> Error Undefined variable in expression: _p_mcc_grouptype File mcc_sandbox_mod\mcc\pv_handling\mcc_pv_handler.sqf, line 155 Spawning roadblocks creates the structure, but not the units: [(getMarkerPos "roadBlock1"), 90, 'configFile >> "CfgGroups" >>"West">>"BLU_F">>"Infantry">>"BUS_InfSquad"', West] call MCC_fnc_buildRoadblock; ...error... Error in expression <oup _side}; _unit = _group createUnit [_type select 0,_spawnPos,[],0.5,"NONE"];> Error position: <_type select 0,_spawnPos,[],0.5,"NONE"];> Error Undefined variable in expression: _type File mcc_sandbox_mod\mcc\fnc\general\fn_garrison.sqf, line 79 Are there variables I need to set first which define the faction (perhaps these functions are looking for the values set by the drop down box in the console?)? Or, maybe I'm doing something else wrong.. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, Is it possible to call MCC_fnc_MWSpawnInZone and MCC_fnc_buildRoadblock on the server directly (as opposed to using the console)? When the mission starts, I have markers converts to zones using MCC_fnc_MWUpdateZone. Ideally, I would like to spawn random infantry, etc. in these zones without any player interaction. Is this possible? Thanks
  16. d_pfrommer

    African conflict a3

    Hi... had the UN Strider been removed/replaced with the last update? I was using it in several missions, but it seems to have been replaced by another model. Thanks
  17. d_pfrommer

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi, Quick question... Is there a way to disable some of the features through script rather than deleting PBOs? I'd like to temporarily disable the hearing and no radio functionality (perhaps medical as well) and would love to be able to do that via script instead of having everyone remove the PBOs each release. Thanks in advance
  18. Hi, I love the mod, great work. Please excuse me if this has been asked (or documented) already, but I've noticed that if I place autonomous units (darter, stomper, etc.) that are AI-controlled (as opposed to empty) and capture them with Ares, they are re-spawned (during load) as empty. Is this a known issue? Thanks
  19. d_pfrommer

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Yes, definitely not a robust solution as it has many limitations. That second stream of audio tied to TFR would be ideal. If one could have two TeamSpeak instances up hooked into the same plugin (or a way for the current implementation to separate out the two streams on the receiving end), that would be fantastic.
  20. d_pfrommer

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hi nKey, Actually, we were able to come up with a configuration which enables both user voice and audio sounds to be transmitted across to all clients. We used: 1. Teamspeak + TFR 2. Ventrilo 3. VoiceMeeter Using the above pieces of software (with some configuration changes), we send system sounds (game sounds, gun fire, vehicle sounds, foot steps, etc.) over Ventrilo triggered by CAPS LOCK only, while using the default CAPS LOCK or ALT to send expected voice via TFR/Teamspeak. This effectively gives our team the ability to hear each other via 3D audio while speaking normally (using the ALT key), but when we're using the radio, it will transmit all local ambient sounds blended with the person's voice. This gives the natural effect of hearing what is around the person (while under fire, etc.) when using the radio.
  21. d_pfrommer

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hi, TFR is fantastic, btw, and definitely adds quite a bit to the game. Is there a way to blend game sounds into the TFR radio transmission so that one's game sounds get blended into the transmission? For example, using the radio, those receiving can hear gunfire, or chopper sounds, etc. I've just started to look into using VB-Voicemeeter and their virtual cable to exclude Teamspeak sounds, was wondering if anyone hear had any additional ideas? Thanks!
  22. Hi Mikey, I did run your script in a hosted environment (i.e., Play->Multiplayer->New), and I did see quite a bit of movement from the AI, as well as use of artillery; however, when the same map (and mods) run on a dedicated server, I did not see the same type of behavior. As a matter of fact, they never used artillery or even moved in the same fashion. Prior to looking into it more deeply, I wanted to first ask if this was intended to work on a dedi. I can certainly help to review this further if you'd like.
  23. Hi, Really nice script! Quick question... will this work on a dedicated server? Thanks in advance
  24. Hi Shay/Spirit, Does the DOC creation (grabber) work in r9? I place my player within a series of created items, but the "save to profile" does not work. Am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks in advance
  25. Hi, Quick question about MCC and its control over local units spawned in by Zeus... When running a mission on a dedicated server and spawn units as Zeus, I understand that these are still local to the client who spawned them (as opposed to the server). As such, it seems that Gaia cannot provide orders to these units. As a workaround, I have to join the newly-added groups to a server-based unit to change locality. Can MCC help to transfer the locality of these units to the server, or can Gaia wrest control over these units in some way that I am overlooking? Thanks!