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  1. ralfingerlp

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    Great work guys! Taunus, a very beautifull region in germany, can´t wait to get on the autobahn :D
  2. ralfingerlp

    CSSA3 - A Spectator Script for Arma 3

    Great release, thanks a lot for sharing!!
  3. ralfingerlp

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    OMG zombiedog! Wuff :D
  4. ralfingerlp

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Work in Progress

    Mind blown! Danke :)
  5. This MOD hit me good! I was browsing the moddb and found your post, looked at the screenshots (which are damn awesome btw) and felt in love. Your doing great, you have my support! :)
  6. I was reading custom objects and felt in love, great job!
  7. This is great! I was always looking for a decent way to make good cinematics on Arma 3, you made my day!
  8. ralfingerlp

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    Great project your doing there Dimitri. Wish you all the best for your development!
  9. ralfingerlp

    ATLAS: Sci-Fi Mod

    This one is on my watchlist, thanks for the updates!
  10. ralfingerlp

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    Thanks for the update Infection, this is something awesome your working on!
  11. ralfingerlp

    [WIP Terrain] Pianosa

    Good to see another island project which looks amazing. Keep up the good work and don´t stop working on it. I count on you :)
  12. This is great news! All the best for yoru project on Arma 3!
  13. ralfingerlp

    Kunduz, Afghanistan (10km) [WIP]

    This is great, can´t wait to play the first missions on that map. Good job!
  14. ralfingerlp

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Awesome job, thank you for the efford and all the best for your health!
  15. ralfingerlp

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Thank you both for the reply, take your time and enjoy your holidays. I realy like the feeling and vibe in those images. Can´t wait to make my own first steps on that mission. Happy new year folks! :)
  16. ralfingerlp

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Hey guys, awesome screenshots. Any updates on the mission?