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  1. Always getting the error while starting Arma 3, how can i fix this?
  2. ralfingerlp

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Having the same issue, arma 3 units won´t load
  3. Hey terox, I was wondering since the new mod´s in the workshop don´t come in @folders anymore, is there any way for dedicated servers to use that for our advantage? I would like to use @Cup, but don´t want to manually download the @folders while they are now under D:\\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\583496184 etc. Can we get the server load files from that folder? I am confused right now :(
  4. Congratulations on the release! Can´t wait to play this myself :)
  5. ralfingerlp

    Preview of OPX2 Buildings

    Hey guys, any updates on the models? None of the links work anymore :(
  6. These items are just awesome, keep up the good work!
  7. ralfingerlp


    Me and my friends hat al ot o fun with EP.1 so far and this is next on our list, can´t wait to play this mission. Thanks for your great work!
  8. ralfingerlp

    WARSIM - Persistent Military Careers [ALPHA]

    Sounds promising, please keep us updated :)
  9. Love the concept and would like to see more updates in the future. Good luck with your project!
  10. ralfingerlp


    Hey there, I am following ravage and your missions since the first post. Is there any chance of a MP mission of your work? Would be a blast!
  11. Thanks for your feedback, please keep us update :)
  12. That was the first thing that came to my mind also :)
  13. ralfingerlp

    [MP08] Sacha's Undead Survival Sandbox

    We are just loading up our mods and will test this mission, i am thrilled to test this :) Edit: We had a lot of fun with this mission. But sadly we couldn´t use any of our weapon MOD´s. What is the main goal in MP? We also found a lot of objects blocking the streets like bunkers and sand barriers. After a while there is nothing new to explore beside looting more and more buildings. Beside that its a very good start!
  14. I am mostly just reading but wanted to leave my "hey" here to make you aware, im watching too and can´t wait for anything playable :)
  15. ralfingerlp

    (WIP) Aerostat

    Great to see new 3D Artists growing, welcome to the family :)
  16. ralfingerlp

    Aftermath Rush Gamemode [BETA]

    This project is dead indeed. Dev closed everything down due to the lack of intrest of players.
  17. They look awesome, great job!
  18. ralfingerlp

    Russian Railways mod

    Aewsome MOD and love to see where this is going. Keep up the good work :)
  19. Its great to see this MOD becoming reality, great job bigstone and all of the dev team :)
  20. ralfingerlp


    haleks, would you mind telling me which font you used for the RAVAGE Logo itself? Searching the whole web for it but couldn´t find anything close to it. Thanks in advance :)
  21. ralfingerlp

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    This would be great!
  22. Sadly i am not able to run it and help would be apreciated :) Edit: Found the problem, line was there 5 times (bleedout_selfheal) don´t know why :X
  23. ralfingerlp


    This is great! Played the RAVAGE a couple of hours and added a lot of mod´s to it, having a lot of fun. Thanks for this and keep up the good work! :)