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  1. Hey guys i´ve been asking myself if you put the focus on the USMC CH53 only. In the german community we strive to get our hands on a German CH53, but first of all an CH53 at all (thanks guys for making this wish come true in the first place  )  What i ask myself is if you are in someway interessted in working on the german versions of the CH53. We renewed and overhauled the orignial CH53 several times within its service time in the German Armed Forces and did some pretty interessting changes for all sides i guess. (I admit i dont know exactly about the tech stand of the USMC CH53)  I speak about the CH53-GS a version specially build for Afghanistan .. joining thrust, firepower and modern information technology into another 20 years of service time. Especially the firepower would be interesting for Arma 3 as its equiped with up to 3 M3M 50'cal´s.


    Thanks for an answer and a happy Christmas times