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  1. Hey try this


    Give an AI Camoface:
    Put in Unit-Init: 
    faceunit = (face this + "_cfaces_Black");
    this setVariable ["JgKp_Face", faceunit, true];

    Possible: _cfaces_BWTarn, _cfaces_BWStripes, _cfaces_Black, _cfaces_Serbian, _cfaces_USStripes, _cfaces_USStains, _cfaces_USFlash

  2. Hey Guys after the last CUP Terrains update (1.3.0). We have a problem with OCP. I cant really describe it because of my bad english.I will post 2 Screenshots and will try a little explanation.



    On the First picture there is the Control Tower Twice.




    On this Pic there is this small guardpost also twice and a little bit popped out.



    Anyway to fix this ?


    We are using the latest versions of CUP and OCP



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  3. Hey Guys, i just have a problem since the last 2 days.


    After i configured my frequenzy on the 117 my game is crashing every time. Just Saysing ArmA3 stoped working.


    Using the latest ACRE2 Version and CBA Version.


    Used the same Repository like all my other mates with same download they dont have this problem.


    acre_dll.log : http://pastebin.com/GGFvw8c0


    RPT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9mwi5qe8jgm27k/arma3_2017-02-23_21-33-10.rpt?dl=0


    RPT2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvfzv5l1i5jsto2/arma3_2017-02-23_19-28-40.rpt?dl=0




    and 2nd thing that we find out today also with the 117


    Some People had a . in the frequenzy settings and some others a , so there are problems with setting it right up.Also some guys didnt hear the biep sound when u start to use the radio  If you need the log or rpt for this also i will look if i get those from my mates.



  4. Hey Guys maybe someone can help me here.


    Im trying to build a Mission like a insurgency but i have a problem and didnt find a solution for days. The Enemy units are spawning so this works but the big problem is that the units spawn on the Server and didnt get switched to the Headless Client who is also connected on the Server.


    I already tried the AceX HC Mover but i didnt work, also i tried some other moving scripts but still no succes.


    Anyone has some solutions for my problem



  5. 35 minutes ago, eh chaser said:


    seems to me you have either an incomplete Cup Terrains FULL install or not Cup Terrains FULL installed at all.


    Not such errors on my end

     Yeah we didnt have all Maps of CUPT installed cause we dont need some of them can u tell me which maps we definitly need for Taunus ? Cause sure Core we have completly