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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to make a mission for MP in the beginning of which a 2 man team is transported to a small firebase with 2x helipads. I'm using a "Transport Unload" waypoint so that the heli lands and stays on the helipad but it keeps it's engine on when I want it to turn off! Do any of you know or have a script that can do this? Anyone who can make or tell me the best possible one gets a mention in the credits and my gratitude! Also looking for Greek or American voice actors who speak fluent english, contact me ASAP please! Peace!
  2. Hello my good sirs, I would like somebody to please either tell me or make me a script that when the action menu is opened, a action comes up that says "Holster weapon" This would be used at the beginning of a mission in a briefing area to put a rifle on a soldier's back and his pistol kept holstered, effectively meaning that he would not have his weapons in his hand. Basically just for show. Is it also possible to use this script on AI units I want on patrol? Thank you very much, Jd3527, based at Nellis AFB, also a budding scripter
  3. Thank you, it worked! EDIT: Both of them
  4. Thanks, but the actions did not seem to work. Looked at the wiki, same problem.
  5. When will this be released? Youshould also add in Epiphrine and Defibs