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    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    The mobile HQ seems bugged too.. the vehicle is for me spawned in base but the mobile marker is still anywhere else on map.
  2. yep, as i wrote in the other thread. If you "prepare" vehicle then get in driver the "prepare" will never show up again until the vehicle would respawn with the script starting. so you need to make if you go in driver that its still possible to have "prepare vehicle" in action menue.
  3. i am running exactly your script in my server, nearly everything but the things i wrote in the resistance thread works for me.
  4. Kabs

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Here i list all bugs than can be encountered with my script. anyone willingly to help with knowledge is welcome to help me. 1. Bug: if a static weapons is mounted on the pickup, i need a script that restricts access to action menue "dissamble *thisstatic weapon*" 2. Bug: i need a script that forbids lifting of the crates/boxes, wich can be lifted/loaded with helicopter, *especally when beeing loaded* (maybe just a para in the lift script of resistance) Thats so far all the problem i recognized or beeing forgotten. I have guys testing with me, will look out for more. I would apreciate any help to thoose ;) i am gonna have more look on my script, addin features. then i will maybe switch to another thing wich could be solved. BTW: the white crates in base have wrong script running as i noticed. well i presume thoose chest should be empty for storage of players. to really making boxes empty you need to add global factor to the script: clearWeaponCargoGlobal this; clearMagazineCargoGlobal this; That i fixed in my version this evening. @john681611: your script is working on my server. but.... here it comes below AHH and again another thing to you john: Your script is missing a check function if a weapon was mounted after xx seconds, so that it would let you give again the access menue function "this addAction ["Prepare truck for weapon","truckINT.sqf"];". If you choose it -> get in as driver -> its stucked until the car is respawned again with the script. That you should definatley fix. think a check and loop/reset should do it. greetz
  5. Kabs

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    No its just the vehicle respawn script, i took another script that worked well with "Addaction" after respawn of vehicle. So before if a carriage truck or pickup was destroyed in resistance, it wasnt useable anymore for its jobs ( truck take crates, pickup loading static weapons). This since the code put directly onto the vehicles wasnt loading after respawn. i fixed that with the other code wich is TBH still not fully ready now. Also its not my code, i just edited it but it works :) Also the camo for the vehicles in base is applied directly and stays after respawn.
  6. Kabs

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    @LKincheloe: I´ve reworked your codes with the offroad pickups respawn init behaivor. They´re all spawning now with static weapon attach working. Also camo is going to be loaded on every Vehicle. my workaround for Igiload is just using the whole module(new version) itself acitvated atm, since i couldnt get the code to work for that until now. And its fine still and works after respawn. I would share the codes with you if you like to. But before i looking to find another problems solutions. BTW: The capture points really seem to do much problems, as if you are not going straight into the enemy without flanking, it lets them despawn and u´ll never been able to capture object. I really suggest working on that. I´ll also have my eyes on it, but i know thoose scripts can be really annoying. Greetz Kabs
  7. Hey Richard, just tested this and its all working fine, but one thingy is not working: // Execute external Sqf's _null = [[[_vehicle,_vehName],"core\scripts\IgiLoad.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",false,true]; isnt generating. i dont know whats the reason, but might be the code line not accepting. Again my sqf: i didnt gave vehicle 1 and 2 any names (if this was correct?), i think it doenst know where to place this could also be the problem. I have more vehicles than the 1-6. 2 more offroaders and 1 heli. Hope you can help me sorting this out, i love this script so far. it could overrun the simple respawn script easily IMO. For sure it would need more functionality as respawn times for seperate vehicles. that would be also a step forward to this. @Doodle: half the way went good after clean up the errors mentioned by Richard. So it seems "MHQ_vehAction1"; wasnt the problem.
  8. Hey Doodle, Hey Richard, i am really frustrated since i dont understand how to add this script correctly. I tried it but my vehicle wasnt respawning. 1. i am unsure where to name the vehicle globaly exactly. Here is my string: 2. I am not really sure where to name the Vehicle in Editor for the global init access. my init: my sqf changes(blue marked to show where i cuted/changed): Would be nice if you guys can help me out ! PS: @Doodle: I came to this thread trying to find a solution from the thread of "simple respawn script" where you also looked for help getting your scripts ingame after respawn http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?76445-Simple-Vehicle-Respawn-Script/page17. Good to see i maybe found the way down the road ^^ What need to have is only that Addaction to work, since it didnt seem to run with simple respawn script. Here all the lines i also need to add into the vehicles init (maybe someone can give me a proper solution): Vehicle 1+2: Theese needs to be runned again after respawn: Vehicle 3-6: Theese needs to be runned again after respawn: If thoose can be handled with your script/handeled that there needs to be seperately vehicles with theese own scripts, all would be good for me :) Greetz Kabs
  9. I have problems with vehicle respawn scripts when using alive :( most of my cars exploding by respawning over and over again flippin in each other etc. Any Help to that ?
  10. As i asked some days ago. Also for me there is no CQB spawn. Hope you guys will find the answer soon in your and our favor :)
  11. today i tried placing CQB module with the latest arma3 patch and the 085140 build of ALIVE. in editor preview everything is fine, i got civilians spawning all over my cities. if i start the pbo with my rootserver there are no civs spawning, also the debug function not showing them on map. Is this cauz of the gameupdate ? or do i maybe make something wrong ? Thanks iun Advance! Kabs
  12. i want the opposide thing: seeing yourself on map, but not the alive markers und no other units.
  13. 1. Sadface. Still worth using on non/half public server for me. 2. Yep i got that today working. Thanks for your fast answers high!
  14. Hello Highhead and all of the team, 1. is there any way to let ALIVE running on my server without the clients need to load it for themself ? Will you thinking about providing it if does not atm ? I for myself like to have my servers available for everyone. 2. How can i turn off the marked enemy units on map?, not sure if its cause of they intelligence. Thanks in advance !
  15. you can return to your player with mousewheel. yo shouldnt be able to switch other players etc. so yeah this is like Nivi said.
  16. Hi Shay, That is however not working for me, need to be said that there allready is a init.sqf file, that i tried to add the strings in correct behaivor. So where do i need to change the init.sqf ? In the mod version or in the mission itself ? i tried both and nothing happend, the login just didnt accepted it, i presume we are talking as UID as the ID from player profile ?
  17. belive in the force shay... really looking forward for my admin control function ! there so many of us who want it. if your choice is different, plz just do it that we can choose it with other optional modes.
  18. are you mad ? i just want to come back for his brilliant idea of offering a direct admin control. i really would love that and i love the sandbox features. No need for Zeus, or maybe little. So i think my attitude in brining him to going on is nice, yes. i really looking forward to feeback for the new control access method, if youre still on to it shay. greetz kabs
  19. well so, why dont we just come back to the ppl like me asked for help like: - Admin only control without access module placed (no need for users connecting server to have mcc installed) - a simple control in init.sqf THAT WORKS and let us handle who can have access to mcc (without users connecting server need to have mcc installed). i would appreciate any help or info about that shay. greetz kabs
  20. well i have running the mcc mission merged with another mission. On my server i have placed the merged mission PBO, in it edited the init to {MCC_allowedPlayers = []}; Also tried with uid. second i have installed the mod version (@Folder and for sure enabled via shortcut exe), i also unpbo´ed it and tried to edit the init both ways there. nothing seemed to work for me. Still all players have access to the action menue of mcc. afaik the allowaccess module is not supposed to be placed for the *** if (isnil "MCC_allowedPlayers") then {MCC_allowedPlayers = [blank/uid]}; *** i think its only not working, i am maybe unlucky missguided, or i overseen someth. Anyone can clearify that ? **me still wondering why it wont work, since its there in the script, me having edited both mpmission.Altis.pbo and the @folders mod pbo. And whatever of the Who can access MCC leave "all" i try, nothing works. :(** if so, the method of shay_gman with admin only with no need for users to install mcc would be the perfect way to go (for me). is his working with any mission ? what do i do, if i dont have any lgin.sqf ? i presume that with .ini you mean .init ? greetz kabs
  21. Thanks alot, i will give that a try. Thats exactly what i look for. but with no need for players who enter my server to have mcc installed. so only server admin and all other users connecting dont need mcc. that is what i dont want to. if you place the module, all users joining are forced to have mcc installed. greetz kabs
  22. So my problem is: i want to handle the access to the terminal via the init.sqf. As it was said, that we can handle it alternatively to insert the access module in 2d editor. i both tried the init.sqf in the @mcc_.. folder on my server and the init.sqf in the mission pbo. still everyone can use the mcc console. The reason why i dont want to put in the acces module in 2d editor is, that i dont want ppl to need the mod having installed to play on my server. Hope anyone can help me. regards kabs