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    =BTC= Revive

    Thanks Jman, that worked well ! i wrote u a pm btw ;)
  2. Kabs

    =BTC= Revive

    Hello together, atm i am trying to add a function for giving points to medics wich have revived someone. As i am not so good with coding maybe someone can help me out. I would definately give regards for my project. so here comes the facts: some base code of how player makes points on kills. this i want to have a similar function for the stiuation ive someone revived. a look here in the BTC_first_aid.sqf where i want the point for the reviver to get. it would be great if someone can help me out here since i am really stucked. greetz and thanks in advance Kabs
  3. deserted vehicles ;) thoose wich left behind by players for whatever reason on the battlefield. they should respawn as in simple respawn script. Greetz Kabs
  4. hey richard, would it be possible to inbound a script for left behind vehicles to respawn ? greetz kabs
  5. This is how i fixed it for server: if(typeOf _gun in _L) then {_gun attachto [_veh,[0,-2.4,0.30]];_gun setDir 360;_gun setPos getPos _gun;}; if(typeOf _gun in _LT) then {_gun attachto [_veh,[0,-2.4,0.30]];_gun setDir 360;_gun setPos getPos _gun;}; but now i have problems with the remove action. the guns trying to get to ground but ending again on the offroader.
  6. thought it fixed that, but only in editor preview. on my server, the gun is still missplaced. gotta look into that maybe some more..
  7. I am searching for a way to get the player out of them if they didnt have the required rank. i tried trigger (gamelogic axis=0): condition: (vehicle player isKindOf "O_Mortar_01_F" and rank player == "private" and player == driver vehicle player) anyobdy in mood of help :)? Thnx in advance! greetz Kabs ---------- Post added at 00:41 ---------- Previous post was at 23:16 ---------- *SOLVED* got it just make detection to: (vehicle player isKindOf "StaticMortar" and rank player == "private" and player == gunner vehicle player)
  8. well yeah i allready figured that out as u can red above ;) jep, true. it seems unrealistic in any way. but i would set this optional too for good.
  9. found out that static at gets destroyed when mounted. Edit: This fixes it. With new namecheck. _LT = ["I_static_AT_F","O_static_AT_F","B_static_AT_F"]; if(typeOf _gun in _LT) then {_gun attachto [_veh,[0,-1.5,0.26]];_gun setDir 180;_gun setPos getPos _gun;};
  10. Update: i have problems with loading thoose textures in mp on my root server, they only work in editor preview atm. may this be in cause of the code Richard ? edit: it was a global command needed. so it was the settexture code beeing wrong from me :)
  11. Kabs

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    @Kinch@anyone: just out of the line.. do you guys know a good C&H Framework with is counting flag capture levels points ? Well for the HQ i hope you find a solution. dont really know if mixing with BTC would be possible.
  12. BTW: John, do you know where i can get a good C&H template? i am searching for a framework wich counts points for flag cap levels.
  13. This is great Richard ! Thank you very much :D i am really new to coding as you can see :Ú will test that asap. BTW: do you know where i could get a good C&H script? still searching for a framework wich is nice. greetz kabs
  14. np dont push yourself :) make it at ease. maybe i´ll lokk into somth.
  15. Can you guys confirm this script is well, or did i miss something ? i am not really sure :I Well whatever it seems not, since its not working ^ hope you can help me again Richard :/
  16. Kabs

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    I gave John some tasks to fullfill his script. Why dont you use "BTC Revive" for your mobile HQ ? i am on it, but i got some problems atm, not knowing all your scripts wich may do problems to it. ATM when i respawn i cant find any point to respawn, still can press the button, ending with just lying down where i died in dead position, cant move but throw grenades ^O^ö
  17. but the version from LKincheloe is working for me without any problem ! *on his mod* so whats different ? ---------- Post added at 16:46 ---------- Previous post was at 15:28 ---------- Well ok i got it fixed now... somehow... think there was a missmatch in comands @vehicle. Or a spelling problem, not shure. Now what you need to fix: 1. when prepare vehicle -> get in driver = prepare lost until car is destroyed. 2. When going out of mounted statics, often ends up glitching in the vehicle. 3. a better understanding/request where you can activate the action on the vehicle. 4. statics can be mounted from one vehicle to another *in mounted state* wich ends with the first vehicle removing itself no more static on itself bringing the static from the vehicle far away with the static, right behind the one without the static. Also you can remove from both vehicles then :p its sorta glitchy and will bring bugusing in pvp thought. 5. we need to find a way to prevent statics from being dissassemble. For sure not if its mounted. this also leads to very bad glitches!!!!!!! if thoose bad 5 are fixed, i thinks that would be nearly a stable realse time. Thoose are big problems.
  18. loading with: MT = [[this,"Prepair Truck For Weapon","StaticMount.sqf"],"addactionMP",nil,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; thoose two differs... still if i name it both the same, now i see the prepare action, but it wont do it if i klick. Then i see the "get mortar on truck..whatever" until the truck is destroyed.
  19. can you show here all the folders/files and other things wich are needed to implement into another mission than resistance. Thus i tried to implement into another mod, but the "prepare vehicle" option isnt showing up on the vehicle... i found: Truck_initV2 Truck_init truck_mountweapon i gave the vehicle the name and the script that was working in resistance. is there anything else i need to do other than copy thoose files in the correct folder way ? handle any id`s ? handle the prepare dialog elsewhere than thoose folders ? any other files that it is working with i missed ? something else ?
  20. i neither have much time :(
  21. Is it needed to have both client and server dto run together for this improvements ?
  22. we tested it with single on server loaded = nothing in fps changed. Then a mate with low hardware tested clientside = nothing in fps changed. do i missing something ? ahh i see in multiplayer its depending fully on server... ? http://day0.com.au/forum/arma/638-arma-3-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide
  23. Kabs

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    sounds good mate! hope you find the solution an easy task. I also saw that this despawn from eos markers my make problems. Sometimes when the troops spawn and u going off that zone for a while, there will be no units anymore and you arent beeing able to capture the zone anymore. For me it was the first Tower. BTW. so you said nothing about me, want to help with your mission. So ?
  24. i am looking for a way to completely disable unit despawn once spawned. and dont let anymore units spawn other than the units allready spawned.