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  1. Hello I'm looking for a squad to join.

    I'm 40 years old and I'm from Sweden i have played this game for 950 hours since alpha, most of my time have been in wastelands but the last month of two i have played alot of koth and just a couple of weeks ago i played capture the island for the first time, I really love that game mode, but i think for that you really need a good squad.

    Add me on Steam "Bad News" and we can have a chat or even better a good game together :)

  2. No i asked because we already had slingloading, you fly over something, pick lift and your vehicle hang under your chopper. So i didn't see the big deal with sling loading :)

    lmg rpg?

    I use MK18 with 10 mags, PCML with 4 rockets, medic kit and 5 first aid, and then i fly in with my hummingbird that have a slingloaded T100 under it, drop it off when i get close the the action and then i go to work. Ready for anything :)

    On my favorite server the hummingbird have flares so it is a nice set up :D

  3. I was not part of that survey but here is what i think.

    I'm thinking about buying that dlc pack, kart, heli and marksmen but that is €20 and for the the game itself i payed €23 or something like that when it was still in alpha.

    kart i don't count, it is just a fun thing. but €20 for 2 choppers and unknown content in marksmen, i guess 2 rifles? and they can't be better then the one we already have because that would break the game.

    2 choppers and 2 rifels cost almost the same as the full game? that doesn't add up for me. if the pack would have been €10 i would have bought it, but at €20 it feels very expensive.

  4. This must have been asked for but i can't find it.

    I want to be able to merge magazine, if i got 5 rounds in one and 10 in another i want to move the 5 rounds and get one 15 round mag.

    I also wish that the game wouldn't reset the fire mode on my guns everytime i get in and out of a car.

    Hunter, strider, ifrit and some trucks got a hatch on the roof, i would like to be able to open that, stick my head out and use my guns or rocket launchers.

    And i would like a cancel button for when i put bandage on, don't know how many times i have been just a little bit hurt, but there are too many enemys, i need to get in to my car and get away but then i start patching myself instead of getting in the car.