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    Battle Pass For Keeps

    Hello everybody, I wanted to share something here that I don't think a lot of people realize. I have been trying to battle tech support through emails but nothing is working. I am trying to say that. I used to have a Battle Pass a few months ago and just 2 days ago I logged in after not playing for awhile and realized that my Battle Pass was completely gone. The $20 I paid for the Battle Pass thinking hey I get this for $20 for keeps. NO! You pay once and when the Season is over you have to buy it again. This is a huge problem for people who are on a low-fixed income. In my opinion just like any other game that has a Battle Pass you should just pay for the one time being and get to keep it forever. I do not understand why this game makes you pay over and over again for a Battle Pass. To me that is a micro-transaction. I don't mean to put this game company on blast but seriously. I have been playing this game since Game Preview and I thought this game would be awesome with a Battle Pass you buy one time and get to keep forever. But no, that is not the case here. This needs to be seen by the public and by the devs on here. I would hope in the future that this will change. Having to pay every Season is just ridiculous it should not be like that. Throwing $20 away every time is not worth it to me. This has to be fixed. -Castwolve.
  2. castwolve

    Battle Pass Gone?

    Hello, I have been trying to figure out what happened to my battle pass? I saved up crowns for months to buy it for having it for the first time ever a couple months ago. It's been awhile since I played decided to get on to check out the new Season 5 and found out that my Battle Pass is gone? It took me forever to save up crowns from doing the Antenna in my Shelter. My antenna is not fully maxed and it takes me forever to find the resources. I am very upset because I thought that when you buy the Battle Pass. You get it for keeps just like any other Battle Pass for any other game. Why would it be like that. Or is it a glitch? I don't understand why I would have to re-buy something I spent my hard earned time on for months over something that I lost. I need help. I want my Battle Pass back.