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  1. is there any video of the script in action?
  2. Do you guys have any kind of roadmap you can share about future updates and such?
  3. Why on earth do you think that would happen?
  4. Are mines handled differently? Recently we just had an AT mine go off when an infantry dude got near it. He didn't go over it, just near it.
  5. kerozen

    Project True Viking

    Sorry for the wrong info
  6. kerozen

    Project True Viking

    Nice Work! Found a little bug with the MG3. Everything works fine it happens when you reload and it goes away after 3 shots. It seems to happen with all the different belts.
  7. kerozen

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    I don't understand why, could you explain pls?
  8. kerozen

    Military Aviation

    Hello @DSabre. Would it be possible to get the skin below but only in grey?. Or get the metal/panel texture used to make it? Its for the Fiat G.91
  9. Probably not a JSRS bug. Me and my group use JSRS quite frequently with ACE and other mods and never ran into that issue. I also think JSRS doesn't have a "healing" sound as you mentioned.
  10. kerozen

    DUI - Squad Radar

    It still doesn't work with custom FOV?
  11. kerozen

    Scope Mod A3

    is there ace compatibility for the scopes?
  12. kerozen

    Project RACS

    every screenshot you post i get more excited! so many things i really want to see in A3!
  13. kerozen

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    This is not the right place to ask but i have no idea where to do it. What size should a camo picture be to use in texturing uniforms? i usually find small pictures don't really work because the pattern repeats too often.
  14. kerozen

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Seems like an Alouette, only one i know for Arma3 is from ARMSCor
  15. kerozen

    EricJ Release thread

    is the UH-60 pack no longer able to be downloaded?
  16. looking good! Will the Murals (0:06) have hiddenselections? Would be awesome to create custom murals for campaigns and stuff like that
  17. Really good job! So far the only thing ive noticed is the weapons where the gunner is outside the vehicle (turn out) or turret like in a HMMWV the sounds are muffled as if you were firing from inside the vehicle
  18. The new sound fit really well! Is JSRS CUP ever going to be a thing or is it unlikely?
  19. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Loading_Screens
  20. That usually happens to me if the image resolution is wrong
  21. Hello. I'm trying to create different spawn points for different groups. The mission is going to have 3 different forces, the Pilots, the SOF guys and normal Army guys. I want each to have their own respawn point. Tried searching for something similar and came up with: OnPlayerRespawn.sqf player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { if (group player == "B Alpha 1-1") then {player setpos (getmarkerpos "PilotRespawn"); } else { if (group player == "B Alpha 1-2") then {player setpos (getmarkerpos "SOFRespawn"); }]; Tried using Respawn and MPrespawn EH, both didn't work. Respawn is set as Custom Location and there are 3 markers (respawn_west, PilotRespawn and SOFRespawn and also tried on Position of Death but the code doesn't do anything and also doesn't work.