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  1. Ok, i'm a newby and really bad at this. I have the InitPlayerLocal with ADF_disable3PV = true; and player spawn ADF_fnc_disable3P; as it said in the header but how do i use the function? Do i copy the function's code to the Init too?
  2. Thanks! Is there documentation on how to use the framework or how to implement the disable3P function into other missions?
  3. Been playing it a bit and it looks awesome. Is the script that forces first person outside vehicles but no in vehicles public?
  4. kerozen

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Is it still not compatible with FOV changes?
  5. kerozen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the Info. I'm guessing ACE messes it up or is it compatible?
  6. kerozen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does the Duke and Rhino system in MRAPs work or are they purely cosmetic? Is there any documentation on them?
  7. Nice release! When i eject from the F22 i get a missing texture error:
  8. Search for Paramilitary, it should be above all the previous PMC stuff
  9. kerozen

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Any 3D modeler who would be able to create this helmet?
  10. Yes that was it, i was tired and blind and didn't notice it at first
  11. Could any one help me out? Why am i getting this error? class PT_F16_jag : FIR_F16C { scope = 2; author = "Kerozen"; displayName = "F-16 Fighting Falcon Jaguares"; fir_f16_custom_skin = 1; fir_f16_custom_name = "F-16 Portugal Jaguares"; fir_f16_custom_code = "PT_F16_jag"; hiddenselectionstextures[] = { "\f16pt\body.paa", "\f16pt\wing_jag.paa", "\f16pt\tail_jag.paa", "" }; fir_f16_engine = "PW220"; fir_f16_aux = "iff"; fir_f16_hud = "std"; fir_f16_vwt = "standard"; fir_f16_cft = "no"; // editorPreview = "\your_f16_mod_path\preview.jpg"; }; Edit: I'm on a roll.... I'm just blind (again) If an admin wants this and my last post in this topic can be deleted
  12. quick question, did the model change at all? I can't for the life of me replicate a skins i did for the previous version of the mod. I can't get anything to line up correctly. This is what it looked like before. Could anyone give me a hand? Edit: NVM was looking at it in a wrong way
  13. kerozen

    The ACU Project

    Will it be possible to retexture the jacket? Or is it something that won't be make it into the mod?
  14. kerozen

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    I don't know the structure of the mod but i'm guessing they want to minimize that kind of thing (separate pbos for each camo) so people don't reupload their mod separately based on camo/equipment choice. if i remember correctly they will have 2 versions of them mod a full version with everything available and a lite version with fewer options to declutter the arsenal
  15. Anyone got CUP templates?
  16. You can merge missions that have dependencies with an empty mission and the dependencies will go away keeping only the mods you have loaded
  17. kerozen

    The ACU Project

    Thanks, so atm its not possible to retexture the jacket is that correct?
  18. kerozen

    The ACU Project

    Quick question: How do i change the jacket's texture in the editor? Can't find hiddenselection for it 0 changes the shirt and pants 1 changes the boots 2 does nothing 3 changes rank Is it only possible to change via config?
  19. kerozen

    The ACU Project

    Any tips on how to make the details (pockets, seams, etc) more noticeable? I suck at this without templates xD
  20. kerozen

    The ACU Project

    Is there any template that could be used to create private retexture? It would make it a lot easier since i suck at retextures without templates