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  1. On 12/10/2017 at 11:28 PM, Hans(z) said:


    Guys I have one question! I can't find MOSIN SBR in the editor list, how can I place it in the mission? I find some other guns which are inaccessible in the virtual arsenal like DSR 1.

    it's cause I was lazy and/or forgot to add it to the zeus/eden list of items; da12thmonkey has added it in now though

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  2. It shouldn't be doing that. What exact attachment are you using that gets swapped out to the BIS flashlight, and are you running the latest version of RHS from the workshop? Because I'm trying it right now with the Perst3/2DP combination and it's swapping between the laser and flashlight as you'd expect.



    Why do we still only have the choice between laser or flashlight in the arsenal when we pick one of the combos?

    Uh, because those are the two options that exist? You pick whichever you would like the initial (default) behaviour to be - either flashlight default, or laser default. Either can be toggled to the other functionality using the key.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, GardenPT said:

    I'm not sure if it has been suggested already or if you're working on it, but could you please make use of this (which is already implemented in CBA) in your mod? We would finally be able to use those flashlight and laser combos properly :)

    You should look at the RHS options in game, because that's already a thing.

  4. Maybe. It's more of a hassle to manage extra mods though as atm I need to manually update the server when mods update; so when mods I don't use are updated, I won't really know. Maybe if the server gets more popular I'll find a way to automate that. You can already use Dynasound and Enhanced Soundscape though; you should give them a try.

  5. If it's not textured then you're probably seeing the highpoly yes. If you're talking about textured assets it's because Arma shaders aren't the best and don't support certain features that more modern engines do. In-game lighting also isn't that great, especially compared to to things like Marmoset Toolbag (likely what the out-of-game screenshots are from) / UE4. Additionally in-game textures are in a compressed format, and potentially at a lower resolution.

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  6. 17 hours ago, miketim said:

    I was on with like 30+ people, I think really the biggest issue was no squads, everyone just talking on team chat was to disorganized I think.


    You can now ungroup yourself from the default squad (which is your whole team) and form your own squads using the vanilla dynamic groups (U key)


    17 hours ago, wsxcgy said:

    The only problem I've noticed with the server was that hardly anyone was playing. Oh, and I noticed in a push game, I was playing defense and the attackers didn't know you had to capture in sequence, so they flanked to echo doing nothing while neglecting alpha, maybe there would be some way to make it clear that they are captured in order?


    I'll add this to the F1 menu soon. Once you've played it once hopefully that becomes clear though. I'll look into adding more to the map to make it more obvious. (edit: added lines between sectors)


    19 hours ago, MrFies said:

    the server could need some more vehicles in my opinion and  its a bit hard to know  where are team mates are fighting atm....   all in all  the Mission should  use more RHS Stuff ;D   right now its  like Squad but without (extremly rare) vehicles ;D


    Yeah I think I'll turn on friendlies on map so you can get a better idea what's going on (edit: done). At the moment the first mission on the server is an infantry-only version; to avoid troubles with the vehicles not respawning when the owner dc's or respawns before the deserted distance kicks in; this seems like an oversight with arma's vehicle respawn module. I've temporarily added more vehicles to the second mission in rotation (RHS-PUSH-feres).

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