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  1. Driving the circuit around Tanoa is a complete joy. Seriously. I think we need a driving/racing mission asap. edit: The winding mountain roads! For me + others at the time of writing, a secondary install via GU doesn't properly unlock Tanoa (blame steam?).
  2. bek

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think reyhard has fixed this already on our end. It was either a problem from not testing on devbranch lighting or I missed it entirely; either way - my bad.
  3. bek

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    FYI your first three photobucket image links aren't working (since photobucket is a jerk), though I can see the other pictures in the album from the fourth working link or adding .html at the end. Though I'd suggest using imgur over photobucket in general — less problems with direct links vs lightbox page "direct" links like what happened here, plus imgur doesn't try to fuck you over when saving images.
  4. Ah interesting; I tried A3 recently on manjaro with the open source drivers and the game would crash about 2-10 seconds after loading in. Haven't yet switched to the closed-source drivers to compare; ideally I'd like to get it working with the open source ones.
  5. Hey, I recently added a USA (west coast) server for this RHS Sector Control mission. As a basic summary, it's two teams fighting for sectors using RHS AFRF and USF (required). Servers will usually be running latest or near-latest performance binaries. These servers will only last if people play on them, so if you like the idea of the mission, get your friends together for a game otherwise the servers will be recycled into something else. AU Server (Sydney) : RHS 0.4.1 Sector Control [AU] [ SWEC / GAMETRACKER ] or connect directly at: arma.au.3crclan.com / US Server (West Coast) : RHS 0.4.1 Sector Control [uSA] [ SWEC ] or connect directly at: arma.us.3crclan.com /
  6. There is now a US (west coast) server running these missions: Name: [3CR] RHS 0.4.1 Sector Control [uSA] ADDRESS: arma.us.3crclan.com IP:
  7. When that happens you can right click the link and "Save target as..." but for convenience I just packed them into one zip file.
  8. Nice driving :D
  9. Yes. It's in the settings somewhere; I have it set to E.
  10. It was the game update — my drivers are unchanged but latest dev build does not have this problem. Good work BIS <3
  11. Rendering artifact around water transitions / cards: No mods used. I tried adjust most in-game settings with no solution found. (disabling AA, AF, water settings/caustics, AO) Depending on the direction (and/or distance) of my camera the lines change hue. System specs: Radeon Software Version - 16.2* Radeon Software Edition - Crimson Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon R9 380 Series Memory Size - 4096 MB Memory Type - GDDR5 Core Clock - 980 MHz Windows Version - Windows 10 System Memory - 16 GB CPU Type - Intel® Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz Driver specific: Radeon Settings Version - 2016.0223.1031.18888 Driver Packaging Version - 15.301.1901-160223a-299681E Provider - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 2D Driver Version - Direct3D® Version - OpenGL® Version - OpenCLâ„¢ Version - AMD Mantle Version - AMD Mantle API Version - 98309 AMD Audio Driver Version - * I know 16.2 is not the latest, however 16.4 and 16.3.2 have problems with some programs I use. If it's absolutely necessary I can upgrade to test then downgrade again, but I'd rather avoid doing that yet again this week.
  12. That photo of the road makes me wonder if screen-space reflections would make sense on roads as well; perhaps in combination with some wet surfaces trick (increased glossiness) only during rain — not necessarily to reflect the sun, but vehicle and road lights.
  13. Thanks for letting me know about the latest driver not fixing it — if this ends up persisting in stable I guess I'll report it to AMD as well. But I'm hopeful it will be resolved before then.
  14. Super keen for this. The minute detail and loving care being put into object placement really shines through. I'm quite fond of the rolling hills and sparse fields; the varied terrain should make for some very interesting PVP. I think when this is released I'll spend some time exploring in the turbo hatchback — the roads look pretty fun to drive on.
  15. Hi, I tried to add this to a weapon and I can't get it to work, though I'm almost certainly doing something wrong. This is what I added to my config.cpp class bek_m38: Rifle_Base_F { class bg_weaponparameters { class onFired_Action { HandAction = "GestureFireLRR"; //The name of the action that will play upon firing the weapon Actiondelay = 0; //The delay before the action and sound plays Sound = ""; //The CFGSound name that you want to play upon the activation of the action Sound_Location = "RightHandMiddle1"; //Selection name on the UNIT not the weapon, by default this is the right hand which suits fine for a bolt-action hasOptic = false; //For weapons with built in optics, overrides the attachment check }; }; (I also added the GestureFireLRR code to the config as per your post #14 on page1). I also tried calling a different animation from another mod for testing (but I'm not sure that would work anyway), as well as adding a sound to see if this code got triggered at all, and no luck. Using the AWM pack by Toadie worked fine though. So what could I be missing? The animations from my model.cfg still play, there's just no additional functionality added on firing. Could my config be missing some class perhaps? here's a link to the entire config.cpp
  16. Yesterday I finally sat down and tried to import a weapon into A3 (I'm still fairly new at VBS). Today I've got the majority of it working fine, however I'm stuck on one part — getting the magazine removal/inserting working correctly. On A3's pistols the animation is smooth and precise; which I am unable to replicate (and the variables in use confuse me). More generally: I'm importing this model (image, webGL view) into arma. This (gfycat) is where I am at currently. Note that the magazine extracts partially, but no new magazine appears to be inserted. This is the relevant code from the model.cfg: class magazine_reload_move_1 { type = "translation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; selection = "magazine"; axis = "magazine_axis"; minValue = 0.01; maxValue = 0.1;//0.1 works offset0 = 0.0; offset1 = 0.55;//0.5 works }; class magazine_reload_move_2: magazine_reload_move_1 { minValue = 0.57; maxValue = 0.62; offset0 = 0.0; offset1 = -0.5; }; (which was appropriated from the arma 3 weapon sample). So the first section (move_1) is causing difficulties. The minValue, maxValue and offset1 lines are hard to understand. Currently I've been playing with their values one by one to try and get to where I am now. Ideally the animation would extract the magazine further before it despawns, but if I increase the offset1 value, (which does that), when the magazine is inserted at the end of the anim, it "jumps" downwards out of the gun / through your hand. I've yet to get the magazine to appear when inserting either; which I assume has to do with the move_2 section. So.. how do you get the correct values for this? How do minValue, maxValue and offset work together to change the location of the magazine during the anim? Am I meant to keep "guessing" until it looks right? Or is there some tool to do this? (Or would it relate to the magazine's height or something?) Any insight would be appreciated. If I can config this properly I might release it as a sample asset for the community (one of the frustrations I've had with vbs so far is the lack of documentation, samples and quality tutorials). It's also a shame that there's no "safe" mode in arma by default as I would've liked to have had the safety work, but oh well.
  17. Once again you've nailed it; autocenter = 0 was not on my geometry LOD (but it was on view pilot somehow). Anyway that fixed it, I've since simplified the model.cfg tonnes and got the safety working, and it's all pretty sweet. Thanks for the help. At this point I'm not sure if I want to push this further — I've some small things I could do but there's probably not much point. I'd be curious what others think though; if they'd consider it cool / or if its commonly done. My first thought is I should be able to fairly easily display/hide the loaded and unloaded magazine during the reload_magazine_move(s) — you start with the loaded mag hidden and the empty mag visible/unhidden -> do reload_magazine_begin (hide empty), start reload_magazine_move_2, and then switch the visible hidden mags so you're back at the start. But that's a fair bit of effort for a quick animation that's fairly dodgy anyway. Another thought I have is that I could work around arma's limitation of no per-pixel colour specular (since spec is crammed into the G channel of your _SMDI map) which is necessary for the bullets, which are an orange metal, by making them a separate element with a (simplified) RVMAT with an orange tint in its specular[]={1.2,1.2,1.2,1}; line, obviously using the same textures. But then again I'd be adding a material (probably not ideal for performance) and slightly complicating the model.cfg as I'd have to use two classes when translocating the loaded magazine, as it seems you can't create a selection (bone?) within o2 that contains other selections. I already do this for the slide, as when the slide retracts the safety must also move. It's not a huge deal to do so again but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Anyway, enough nonsense.
  18. So I've tried adding the safety (which works), but for some reason I cannot get its axis correct. I've imported two vertices that lie flat on the Z axis; the space between them is what I want to be the center point of the safety swtich's rotation. However it just isn't behaving like that. I've also tried a single vertex with RotationZ which also does not work — the direction is correct, but the rotation isn't based off the axis's center point, so the safety switch move entirely rather than rotating around a point. It's almost like it's taking the whole model as an axis/center point. I've triple checked the spelling of the axis in o2 and the model.cfg, I've tried assigning it to different axis (which "worked" as in the change occured), I've tried exporting the axis with different lengths just in case that mattered... what am I missing? class safety_rotation { type="rotationZ"; source="weaponMuzzle"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection="safety"; axis="safety_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=1.000000; angle0=0.0;//"rad 0" angle1=-0.03;//"rad -10" }; Here's the full model.cfg which is probably super dodge; I'm not clear on why some stuff should be in class weapon: default and other stuff in class weapon:pistol section; but I couldn't get things working the exact way the sample_f weapon is set up. Actually, when messing with the values for comparable axis (hammer, trigger) I've observed similar behaviour — the selection rotating way away from the model, which shouldn't even happen with the given axis as a center point. Am I mistaken in thinking an axis and center point are one and the same?
  19. If it helps, I found only fbx 2006.11 exporting from modo to save vertex normals (mesh smoothness) and not be broken in any other way (flipped like OBJ). You might be able to use the Autodesk FBX converter to bridge between max and o2, but since warlord554 says max 16 works natively for him, playing with your export settings should be your first step.
  20. Aha — I did have that section but not the unhidevalue line for some reason. Thanks da12thMoneky once again! Now to play with the numbers until it looks right.
  21. After even more mucking around I find that your method with the reticle on a separate plane is quite handy because you can also (at least for optics with lower differences between highest and lowest magnification) scale the reticle plane up/down to calibrate the mils, though that's a bit more fiddly. However; sometimes I get white lines around my reticle when doing this. I'm not sure why it happens (possibly due to CMAA or some AA setting). I was also hoping that I could apply an RVMAT to a reticle plane rather than JUST a texture in order to force linear texture filtering (so reticles wouldn't blur due to the texture not being 1:1 on screen), but it didn't seem to work.
  22. Good point; I feel that's an unfortunate way to do things though. Oh well. Thinking about this though, it's probably (I"m not a TA and I've no way to prove one way or the other) the case that using two separate textures (1x 2048^2 for the scope border and 1x 1024^2 for the reticle) is worse for performance than simply using one 2048^2 texture that contains both, because that latter involves an extra texture call (and isn't the difference in filesize moot after .paa compression?) Though it's a fairly moot point itself since you'd be reusing that scope border over many optics, so it wouldn't really make a difference. There might be an overdraw concern with having two planes overlap as well but I'm very unsure about that; if it even exists it's still probably not much of a concern. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.
  23. So I dove back into this recently and I've realised I still have a fundamental problem: How can one scale the reticle plane so that 1 pixel on the texture = 1 pixel (texel) in game? I've been 'fine tuning' my reticle plane so that it is correct but this is an insane way to do things. So is there some correct size the plane should be inside objectbuilder for this to happen? Otherwise 1px wide lines will be blurry depending on position/scale.
  24. bek

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi! I've recently discovered RHS and of course it is fantastic. I jumped in the editor today and tried the SVD w/ PSO using the 7N1 ammunition and it seems that the hold-over chevrons are not correctly calibrated for 1100m, 1200m, 1300m. I didn't do thorough testing with the stadiametric rangefinder but there might be room for improvement there too — if you would like, I can calibrate the reticle for you as I recently dove into some arma modding and fixed some reticles for Breaking Point (including getting their PSO stadiametric rangefinder and chevrons calibrated). I'm also wondering (after seeing Vadim Spiridonov's post on polycount showing his 1p78 optic he did for you guys) if you're looking for more contributors? I've just imported my PSO-1 I made a while ago into buldozer and I was wondering if you perhaps had any interest in it — here's a screenshot. I could probably tweak the textures for ARMA now that buldozer is working; I could give it some dirt and wear. (I looked on your website for some sort of contact us, but I didn't see an email for any specific person to contact.) I've got one or two other models you may or may not be interested in, I can shoot you an email with a link to my portfolio if you wish. If you're interested I suppose just send me a message or post an email address to contact. ......aaaand in my thread here I have a question after looking at some of your config files for your PSO: Do you use some sort of custom script or something to switch from the PSO's normal reticle to the illuminated version using the N key? I figured since +/- swapped out textures I could use that, but N would be much more convenient (especially as a toggle) and then I stumbled upon RHS which had exactly that! I'd love to hear how it works if it's something simple, if you'd rather not say that's fine too.
  25. So I noticed that RHS: AFRF does this with their pso, which is awesome. I had a look at their files though and they don't seem to have anything special in their config, I can only see the one obvious scope plane .p3d, yet there is an illuminated version of the reticle in the same folder as the non-illuminated one. They've got nothing extra in their visionMode[] section so I guess I was wrong about that being a way to do it. I guess they have some sort of custom script to switch out what .paa's a p3d uses in the fly, and they somehow tied this to the n key? I also found it interesting that they didn't end their modelOptic line with .p3d, and they also have fractions for their min/max zoom like so: "0.35/4"; if that works natively I guess it's just an easier way for their developers to look and see quickly what magnification a scope is and what base number they're using for 1x. Interesting stuff.