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  1. Hi OHally, Im making a new mini campaign (new at mission making) and one of my missions calls for an airborne invasion. Based on my military experience I am only looking for complete realism (or as close as I can get to it). Is there a chance I can get your T-10 Parachute early, or do I have to wait for the release? Thanks.
  2. lba5335

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'm trying to make my own missions and I was wondering where I can get the parachute from ARMA 2 ported for ARMA 3 or if there is even a MOD for this?
  3. OK is there a manual to teach me how to use it? Ive been looking around and every place says its been removed or not there
  4. how do you use ALiVE? Do I need to make a mission or can I just....use it? (Im a novice at this stuff so please dont berate me, lol)
  5. Is there a dynamic mission for single player out there for OA or CO like the DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System) like in ARMA III? I really like to play that one but I haven't found one for ARMA II. Usually I just try to play myself on MP but that gets kind of..hm, I don't know. Any help?
  6. lba5335

    Muliplayer MODs?

    I have a bunch of different MODs installed that I use to usually just play single player. I want to get back in to playing MP but I can't access any servers. Is there a way around this? I don't want to have to remove the files and folders just to play MP every now and then.
  7. lba5335

    Map Markers

    OK, I'm just wondering if there is a way to move the markers on your map (while in play). For example if I want my team move to a certain grid, and mark it on my map using the arrow, can I turn it or is it always facing north? I'd like to know if the markers can be manipulated to face different directions
  8. Im not good with scripts/code and Im trying to use this in the DUWS that i like to play. Is there a way you could walk me through how to do this? Ive done what you posted by putting it into the init.sqf but its still not showing up in my game
  9. hey Bigshot im trying to contact you via PM for your DUWS