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  1. Jeeze, I leave for 2 month and this happens? Jk of course.


    Thanks for putting in the work the the last 9 months 7SS and +1 for letting someone else carry on the work we started. I know we put in several thousand hours in R&D, but hey, some things just arent meant to last - especially with so many haters :p




    PS CUP - contact 2ndLt Higley in the 15thMEU for the updated topography on the CH/MH-53E. Everything else should be nearly done, except skins and animations.

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  2. All,


    With the coming new year, i had hoped to have more free time and be able to help the team release some of our planned mods. Unfortunately, with the start of school, new position at work, new car, recreating my old unit, and buying a house in the summer, i have decided to retire from 7SS and modding(kind of).


    With that being said, Foxone and SJones will be leading 7SS from now on and will be the points of contact.


    This means that this thread will be getting locked and they will be making a new one shortly.



    -Off topic-



    Arma has been using the same engine since 2001 while VBS has gone to a completely new engine as of VBS3, hence why it has more possibilities engine wise. Now if BI switched arma to the CryEngine then that would be a totally different story all together as you have a lot more leeway and options.

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  3. please check the original post for the modpack asset information and features.



    I probably should have put this in my post yesterday but another question i have is are you planing to do M1A2 Abrams TUSK and normal because im reading though MCWP 3-12 as i will be taking up the Tank platoon in my A3 unit (a brit leading a marine tank platoon this is blasphemy) and came across this diagram and it shows where inf will be if they hitched a ride on a tank (which would be so cool to see)   please implement    https://gyazo.com/fd67012140db53430e1fbc10d8ef75c1


    I was thinking about this the other day honestly since i do know normal infantry hitch rides on armored assets. From what i have seen, this is rarely done in a combat zone for obvious reasons. We'll look into it and see if it's viable :) Also if you need any help with SOP's and tank tactics hmu anytime!





    Posted Today, 14:19#633 icon_share.png

    StrazziSelles, on 20 Jan 2016 - 08:54, said:snapback.png

    good will you release the F18 in january as you said on FB ? and why some others are creating same stuff same like Naval w pack ? example (srbknight) ? 

    i think he is steal some of your work ! arleigh burke and ticonderoga aren't your models ?



    We said Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2016. So that means it will be released between January to June.


    And people create similar content because we need variety in life. Some make simple mods, some make complicated mods, and some people just...dont make mods!


    Also how can one steal models from a secured server?Hell, we havent even posted the most recent pics of our ship modes.

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  5. All,



    Since tomorrow will be a long monday for me, I will not have time to write this so I am doing it a day early...so Happy Early Update Monday!



    For the past 6 months, us, as a team, have been developing our skills and improving what content we had to an extent we believed we could not do when we first created 7SS. We have created systems never seen in arma, we have redone topographies on several models, and hell, we've even remade models completely. We have gone through a lot up until this point and 2016 will not be any easier, especially when creating content the games own developers won't create due to the overall complexity, and here we are giving it to the community to enjoy.


    If you have watched our livestreams, you would have seen the progress we have made in the last few months on several mods. We are now at a point where we can predict expected releases to some of our content, but you all must understand that this can change at any moment. So without further delay:


    Mods Expected for Q1 & Q2 of 2016













    Mods Expected for Q3 & Q4 of 2016









    Also any LVSR and M11XX Variation vehicles.

    Maybe the ABV.

    Maybe the USS Michael Murphy


    Mods Expected for of 2017


    Definite release of the USS Michael Murphy.

    A few other ships we're "testing".

    Remainder of Aircraft.

    Remainder of ground assets.

    Potential release of USNWP's Player Units


    I do want to make something abundantly clear to the community. Every member of 7SS is currently going to university. Most of us are also working full time or part time jobs on top of school.  This means that every 3 months, we will have exams and mod making will be at a stand still. If a mod does not get released in that quarter, that means we had to push it back due to school or life. We will prioritize that over mod making, especially since all these mods are industry quality content and are free. 


    Due to this, we are looking for community members that have knowledge of modding, or know how to model, texture, or program in order to join the team and be trained up as Arma 3 Mod Makers. If you are interested, or would just like to chat about it, feel free to send me a PM. Just make sure that if you are serious about applying, you have some type of work to show as reference.

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  6. i'm confused...didn't you guys annouce the CH 53 will be released in about 2 weeks...about 3 month ago?


    We didnt announce specific release dates. Right now, the CH53 is having its model optimized but it's going kind of slow since its' model maker is a first responder/EMS so Im not rushing him :p

    And was it the MV22? I thought i announced that we're gonna hold off on it until the VTOL Class is released. Probably forgot thanks to work....

  7. Coming from just a bystander on the forums, ya'll having this extremely childish and immature fight on your thread looks awful for both sides of the table. On a different note, has there been anymore info on the C-2A ® Greyhound? I know TheSn4k3 stated a couple of weeks ago that he decided to remodel the whole thing over again but has there been on more information after that? (If I missed something in  the last couple of pages just delete this and call me blind)


    From what i know the remodel never happened since it's overall model status is complete, we just need to fine tune the topography and make the skins and the little to none oxy work it needs....plus skins. Other than that, it should be good. Only problem is setting up medium and hard mode and reading the aircrafts instructional manual to figure out the startup sequence.

  8. Now that what's his face is out of the way,



    Expect the F/A-18C and F-35C to be ready for release in January.


    MH/CH-53E/K are still having their topographies optimized. Other than that, all they need besides that is skins and then it's ready for release.



    Note: This is for Easy mode only. We're still gauging our eyes out reading startup manuals for the aircraft. 

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  9. Guys can someone please link the screenshots for me? I am too dumb to find them myself.





    What are A3PID's?


    It is the ID that defined you and your account. It is directly linked to your game key. Basically, if that is posted anywhere on the internet, I can find it and block you from being able to use the mod. You can still spawn it in game, but you cannot enter it.


    This is so we can block certain malicious groups/people within the arma-verse from using our mods. For example, there is an A3 unit out there who's head members enjoy child porn and we're planning on blacklisting all their members A3PID's.



    Edit: Also good job to SRBKnight for deleting his post that pissed off the entire team. We REALLY appreciate it.

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  10. Hey All,


    Just in case some of you have not noticed, there are 2 seasons approaching: Semester 1 Exams and Christmas/Religious equivalent. Some of us have exams to pass, gifts to buy for our families and pay bills/loans, or both. For this, we're prioritizing life over mods. 


    If you'd like extremely detailed and complicated mods like this released asap, our going rate(per team member) is $215 USD/hour non-negotiable non-refundable. But we're not gonna pull some shit like that since we love the game and we want everyone's experience to be improved. So have some patience kids, the adults are working on this. 




    Also, if a non-team member post some shit like that, disregard it. They're talking out of their ass. If i see shit like that again im changing the compression type on our PBO's and blacklisting A3PID's. You've been warned.

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  11. Was wondering about an update on the CH-53 progress? Everyone has their favs they are anticipating lol....this one is mine!!!




    We decided to go ahead and improve it's model for easier UV unwrapping since the current one is a pain in the ass. Same goes for the MH-53.



    Will the Harrier use the B61 nuke,  its in Fullers missile box, or do you think it will be too OP to have?


    I mean, it wouldnt hurt....as long as they're on your side lol

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  12. Will the USS America and other ships like the LPD have the feature the Nimitz has where you can spawn vehicles by a module? 

    ships could spawn a hawk on its landing pad?


    We doint need to make that a thing. There are enough scripts out there that suffice. Remember, this is a realistic modpack. IRL Navy personnel cant spawn million dollar aircraft or lag out through floors xD

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  13. How's the C-2A coming along? I haven't heard about it in a long time 


    Its coming. I think the UV is done? Not fully sure since that's TheSn4k3's baby lol. The E-2C/D is/are coming along great! :D



    Just for the Launch bar to be deployed before an option to "Connect to Catapult #" comes up.


    Maybe something to work with TeTeT on for the blocking the catapult connect script if the launch bar isn't lowered.


    It could just be pretty easy to do. Im sure TeTeT has noticed like the senpai he is.



    Can we see please USS Michael Murphy and USS Ticonderoga class destroyers ?? some pics please guys i really like the current work and i am bored in arma without Navy large scale ships !


    Havent really started on them. I know Foxone has been working on the Arleigh-Burke bit by bit. Remember tho, we are real people who work/go to school/ work and go to school so things are slow now that school has started. But #Soon :D

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  14. I know what he is talking about. It wont be much to implement, but we will have to talk to tetet to see how his cat script is to trigger then animation. I dont see it being a problem.






    As for the fuel probe, yes it will be modeled and animated.




    But the animation will be wonky as well. Not even sure if its worth the hassle tbh

  15. That is where the boom goes insed the aircraft for it to recieve fuel.


    Whats that look like again? Kinda curious on the level of difficulty.



    No. Launch bar on the nose of the aircraft.


    *IMG Snip*


    Hmmm I mean we could. You talking about the full animation of it being attached or just appearing in full attached form in pre/launch of the bird?



    Wait a second. We're not making an aircraft carrier. I just remembered this as i was typing lol