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  1. koriaba


    I can you provide hosting, just like that, not for money)
  2. koriaba


    We are waiting, waiting)) voted +1
  3. koriaba


    thanks for the reaction / response you know you have not noticed patterns .... yesterday played three - the lag was not, I do not understand ... try it yourself ..) yesterday, everything works fine. gorgeous fashion! to distract from the Epoch) yes, an earthquake off.
  4. :D strange to see your question), given that the profile I have written - Russia))
  5. koriaba


    @super-truite I love your mod)) but there problemy FPS sags and lags when playing in a pair. poorly optimized. disabled only earthquake. Please do not throw mod) Good luck! We wait with hope patches. my russian server Welcome! p.s. game is located on the server hosting our provider network exchange of very high quality, faster, even though we live in Siberia)
  6. with connecting you certainly overdid... Why reinvent the wheel? have the same standard, universally recognized norms ... I have a group of servers, torment connectivity - spat on this venture ... and mod looks interesting, ran only on one computer.
  7. koriaba


    Hello, super-truite! You - the good fellow! Thank you! send pm.
  8. koriaba


    Thank you very much for this mod! Today discovered it on armaholic.com Playing with my son) how can the database is okay on my server? or the game is only possible in one session? and one more question, which file is "Help menu"? I want to translate the "Help" in Russian. Thank you!