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    C2 -Command And Control

    Awesome! You should add a feature in the quick menu that allows you to change the selected units stance much like the AI auto stance, but 3 little stance symbols. This would be useful if i have a squad crouched behind a barrier suddenly take heavy fire and you need them to prone quickly and get out of sight. It would either add more clutter to the menu or add a new feature alot of people would use, might as well try it. ;)
  2. masterarrow1

    C2 -Command And Control

    Great to see this mod is finally getting attention, I've been using it for every SP/MP mission and it is absolutely a game changer and i look forward to see how much better this gets in future releases. Though i have found it rather frustrating when in danger mode (I'm aware that they are working to fix this) Say i Have my squad positioned behind the walls of a building while taking suppressing fire from a fireteam up the road. I try to get one of my squad mates to SPRINT across the road to the wall on the other side to get a better firing position and possibly flank around. Sadly Danger mode makes them move halfway and stop in the middle of the road like a duck waving his wand around trying to fire back only to get obliterated by the fireteam shooting at us. This ultimately results in my squad being wiped out because of their lack of following orders in danger mode. I have tried ai mods to try and alter this behavior such as bcombat and ASR AI but they seem to have little to no effect on this. I have looked around on numerous threads for a solution and see people with the same problem. Threads from years ago, I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed by now. So i have a few questions. 1. Maybe i just suck and am using it wrong, but is there any way to make ai rush a position, maybe add a 3rd move speed in planning mode slow/normal/sprint(ignore enemy fire and move it!) and somehow implement it into 3d hud mode? Im sure it's not that simple (I have little experience with arma 3 scripting) but it would greatly increase the survivability of ai teammates. 2. Is it best to use with vanilla ai or are there any specific ai mods that might increase the effectiveness of commanding my squad and make them actually follow orders. 3.Could you provide a video on maybe a compound raid and how you use this effectively and maybe a work around the danger mode? Or could i just force my ai to stay in alert mode though i have no idea how.(I've watched the tutorial videos) Thanks Mad_Cheese, glad to see you listen to the communities feedback. I am very appreciative of your work, this is something we needed in arma 2 and AA. Keep up the good work it just keeps getting better :D :D
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    C2 -Command And Control

    This is a really cool concept, I mainly play singleplayer with AI since my internet sucks. Being able to easily send half my squad to the right flank and the other to the left only continuing to advance when both are in position really feels satisfying instead of the frustration of the normal limitation of the arma 3 default commanding system. This is now a must have for commanding my squad in singleplayer missions, i cant play without it. This mod really deserves more attention it'd be a shame for something this good and fresh to be forgotten about. Keep up the good work :D;):cool::) I have had some problems of when my ai squad mates die and respawn the dont show up anymore in C&C so that'd be something to fix.
  4. Today i decided to try scripting in arma 3 for the first time so i picked up Fockers guide here http://fockers.moonfruit.com/arma-23-scripting/4566406735 and read chapter 1. So now that ive finished that ive started my first creations and am having a hard time understanding a few of the concepts. Now i know this is extremely basic but i would like some advice in helping me understand it better. Im trying to create a spawn whether it be at an object or marker and make the move to a specified location. I cannot seem to get the men to move to the specified marker whether it be a doMove, MoveTo, Addwaypoint ive tried fiddling around with it for over and because of my lack of knowledge i have no ide. Heres what i have not including the waypoint portion. I have in my initialization on my player in the editor addaction ["Spawn USarmy Group" , "Spawnblue.sqf"]'; and in my init.sqf file limit = 0; _BLU = creategroup west; sleep 1; if (limit < 10) then { hint "Spawning BLUFOR squad"; sleep 0.5; _newSoldier1 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_squadleader" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU]; _newSoldier2 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_autorifleman" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU]; _newSoldier3 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU]; _newSoldier4 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_medic" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU]; limit = limit + 1; hint "Squad Has been Spawned"; } else { hint "You have reached the Maximum number of squads you may spawn"; }; i've seen Tay_uk's script for arma 2 OA here and i dont quite understand it http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=7984 The part i mainly dont understand is the _this select 0; which im assuming is the target and Group leader _unit; _unit = _this select 0; _Group = Group leader _unit; GrpOne = Creategroup east; _leader = "RU_Soldier_TL"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Sergant"]; _Unit2 = "MVD_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _Unit3 = "RU_Soldier_SniperH"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _Unit4 = "MVD_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _Unit5 = "RUS_Soldier_Marksman"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _Unit6 = "RU_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _Unit7 = "RU_Soldier_AT"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _Unit8 = "RU_Soldier_AT"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"]; _waypoint0 = _Group addWaypoint [GetMarkerPos "Patrol", 0]; _waypoint0 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint1 = _Group addWaypoint [GetMarkerPos "patrol1", 0]; _waypoint1 setWaypointType "Seek and Destroy"; Any advice would be appreciated. I hope im in the correct section of the forums :confused:
  5. The second script is not my work(the link will redirect to it) I was using that as an example but I may have figured out a solution and will try it later.
  6. masterarrow1

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Wow looks great, can't wait to play this mod. I second tyl3r99's post