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  1. So recently I started playing ARMA3 again. But the last few days upon exiting the game the entire system just starts lagging behind in menus, the browser, games. The mouse is fine, but everything else is just slow and laggy. Videos on youtube stutter and games just stutter, too. However some games, like Chivalry, has no issues with this, while games like Star Trek Online does. There is NO ARMA3 process running after I quit, there is no unusual cpu, gpu or ram activity outside normal after exiting the game. This issue never occurs unless ARMA3 is started. I have no idea what causes this.
  2. 8GB. After exiting the game it reverts to the normal 2GB usage. ---------- Post added at 08:33 ---------- Previous post was at 08:31 ---------- I checked most of the processes. Nothing took any significant amount of resources. No process that could be tied with Bohemia or the game. On the topic of malware and viruses I'm pretty sure I'm clean. I'm not exactly new to computers and I know how to avoid the bad stuff. Malwarebytes and Avast helps too.
  3. This problem still exists. There is no process or anything... Only option is to not actually play the game anymore.
  4. I thought about Steam causing it, but haven't tried that yet. From what I see with Core Temp (got several options to view RAM usage, core usage/load), there is no unusual resource use.
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    Terrible Performance

    There is no such process. After exiting the game all system values are more or less identical to the state before starting the game.
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    Terrible Performance

    Since I'm not allowed to post new thread I'm going to ask here. I can play ARMA3 with no issue whatsoever, but for the last few days my pc has begun to slow down upon exiting the game. Some games I've tested after exiting ARMA3, like Star Trek Online has begun stuttering even in main menus, loading screens, startup. This also happens for Windows and the browser. Moving the mouse over the start menu skips several of the icons as if it was lagging behind. All webpages load slowly, and the videos and animations just seems to stutter. The mouse is not affected, and several games like Chivalry work just fine with no stutters. Right now this is an issue that prevents me from wanting to even play. Every time I exit ARMA3 I get the slowdowns. Nothing else causes it.