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  1. SG is still actively recruiting! Join before saturday and be ready for the campaign!
  2. Arma3 Videos

    Check out one of SG's latest Saturday Operations! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNtVEu-xRs8
  3. Arma3 Videos

    Hey check out SG's latest Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI5jV5FTqKM SG is always recruiting! check us out at www.Strategic-Gaming.com
  4. [Website](http://strategic-gaming.com) **Overview** Strategic Gaming brings global players together in a mature, respectful and dedicated environment. The unit strives to provide an engaging and immerseful grounding through organization and structure. The systems currently implemented have been developed over the span of two years and have proven to work and provide the stable environment that many units and communities fail to do. The work and efforts made by members has been designed as a legacy and is expected to continue. The unit is always striving to better itself through experience and knowledge. **Structure** Almost every aspect of the unit is structured, helping ensure that members know exactly where they standard, our expectations and their's too. We follow the structured found in the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Force and use this as a guideline for what the unit should be achieving, however understand and have adapted the system to suit a military simulation game. The unit has various positions open to new recruits depending on the desires, although certain billets may not currently be available due to the lack of demand or current playerbase to support them. A rank structure in conjunction with a promotion system has been developed meaning the opportunity for favouritism has been removed and a given rank is based purely on the attendance of that member. An integrated award system also shows recognition to those members who go above and beyond the call of duty either in or out of game. **Communication** We promote members to take an active role within the unit and support members where appropriate with their ideas and suggestions. Our website contains all the information any member should require and is an active hub where events, ideas and banter can be shared. When it comes down to gaming we expect members to attend where possible, but on the otherhand are respectful when priorities arise. The primary operation that occurs every Saturday to coincide with school and work which usually consists of a six part campaign, is mandatory unless we are told otherwise by a member who cannot attend. The unit also conducts a fortnightly roll call to help monitor actively as we strive to maintain a healthy and active playerbase. Should a member be discharged or leave, because records are kept from their previous enlistment should members choose to re-enlist they will usually join from where they left off. **Resources** Strategic Gaming provides plenty of resources to keep members engaged, but do support variation. Our co-operative servers have been carefully designed so that any member can design, create and run a mission without needing the required programming knowledge. We also support a public server for players to get a taste of a truely well executed unit. As per a teamspeak is provided for members and public players to use. If you're interested in video editing then joining will entitle you to a huge library of recorded material that you can access and use to create youtube videos, or maybe just to experiment and learn. With having a dedicated playerbase, new recruits will learn more and learn faster, from the game itself to knowledge surrounding the game, whether that be programming, 3d modelling and design to video editing. Our members love what they do and are willing to share the wealth of knowledge. **Interested?** *If you are interested and would like to enquire about joining please make sure you fulfill these criteria:* Age: 16+ with no exceptions Own a valid copy of ArmA 3 Have not VAC or Battleye bans Working microphone Be able to attend atleast one event per week Not currently in a unit or community for Arma 3 **Useful links** [Website](http://strategic-gaming.com) Teamspeak: ts3.strategic-gaming.com (Pass: SG) Public Server: [Enlistment Path](http://www.strategic-gaming.com/join-us/enlistment-path) [Available Billets](http://www.strategic-gaming.com/forum/applications/572-open-billets) [Application Form](http://www.strategic-gaming.com/forum/applications/5-application-form) [standard Operating Procedures!](http://www.strategic-gaming.com/headquarters/sops) [unit Records](http://strategic-gaming.com/unit.php?id=80) Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ask myself via steam or teamspeak A.Perlaky Strategic Gaming
  5. Arma3 Videos

    Mission Maker's Vlog - The Toolbox - Episode 4 https://youtu.be/knJcM4YjA4A
  6. Hey guys check out the third installment in the Strategic Gaming Mission Makers Vlog - setting the scene. Nitro goes in depth about how to set up the environment, and create an immersive mission for your players. https://youtu.be/PEWOPALEQlk Hope you guys enjoy!
  7. Hello fellow grunts! TC is proud to announce we are beginning our transition into A3! Along with this change, has come changes in our acceptance policy. in the interest of building a solid group of A3 enthusiasts, TC is just about opening the doors wide open. For the time being, any applicant above the age of 18 will receive an interview, with a high chance of admission. Our A3 sessions will be on tuesdays weekly, and will consist of in-house created missions and TVT's, Zeus Deployments, and the occasional public romp. we are a highly organized group of individuals, with a wealth of knowledge ranging from mission making and video creation to just being a grunt and were happy and willing to spread it about. check out our A2 missions at www.TheCompanyArma.com. if you play A2 we are still playing, and hold sessions on Saturdays. some training is required for participation, and new pilots must first prove their ability to fly before being allowed to pilot, and we are an 18+ only unit. please apply online at www.thecompanyarma.com JOIN US IN A3 AND HELP BUILD THE FUTURE OF TC.
  8. ‘The Company’ is not just another gaming community. We have culled a relatively tight group of individuals that are not only dedicated to each other, but also the ArmA series. Our boys are capable of having fun in any given game scenario or even chatting it up in our Teamspeak channels. Our members are held together by a bond of friendship and mutual respect, the video games are only there for us to have a place to emphasize this bond. Some key personality traits that we look for are the following: Courteous – P’s and Q’s go a long way. Knowing simply how to be nice to another human will quickly separate you from most of the internet crowd. Respect – This deserves a bit more clarification. We are extremely strict on this value, we do NOT tolerate any sort of sour, dehumanizing, misguided remarks towards other members. Members who are caught in this act will 10 times out of 10 find themselves removed immediately. Positive-Constructive – Got criticism? We welcome it, when it’s done in a professional manner. Innovative – Being able to work your wits is a skill worthy to note. Relating to games, someone who can work their way through a situation without going guns blazing. Professionalism – Treat others as if they are your colleagues. A good humour combined with a mature outlook on what ‘funny’ actually is. Well Mannered – If you wouldn’t do it around your family, don’t do it here! Willing to Learn – Always stepping up to the plate to try something new or improving upon existing knowledge. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “It is possible to impart instruction and to give commands in such manner and such a tone of voice to inspire in the soldier no feeling but an intense desire to obey, while the opposite manner and tone of voice cannot fail to excite strong resentment and a desire to disobey.†-Major General John M. Schofield ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Understand that any Arma player can simply join a broad range of different communities. Our goal is to provide a home to people who have a more dedicated approach Arma and our community at large, than the average user. Not only are we looking for people who like to play Arma, we are looking those individuals who are willing to participate in any endeavor that TC embarks on, whether it be going up against a company sized enemy force in Arma, or playing a game of Battlefield. What I’m getting at is that our members are always looking for people who share the same core values when it comes to gaming We are a closed community, however we do accept applications. Requirements: .Teamspeak 3 .ArmA 2 Combined Ops .SixUpdater/PlayWithSix .Microphone .Dedication _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACE Specific Mods: .ACE – Bits from b.522 – b.597 .ACEX – b.373 .ACEX_RU / ACEX_USNavy .ACEX_SM b.100 .ACRE .CBA_CO Islands: .Utes .Malden .Capraia .Vostok (Winter & Summer) .Sahrani .Chernarus .Everon .Proving Grounds .Shapur .Takistan .Zargabad .Reshmaan Province .Aliabad Region .Hazar-Kot Valley .ToraBora .Celle 2 .MBG Nam .Schwemlitz (Summer & Winter) .Thirsk .Fallujah .Namalsk (w/ ds_peaceandquiet) .Caribou Frontier .Clafgan This list will continue to grow. We are not worried about hard drive space nor download speeds from Sixupdater therefore we have no reason to limit the size of our modpack. The more variety the better! Misc Mods: .ST Hud (STGI) .ST Bunnyhop .ST Movement .ST Littlebird Enhancement .ST Acre Volume .ST Interact (Changed to say “Group Option†& “Group Options Self†for the fact that we are not ShackTac…) .Zeus AI – ACE .As a quick thank you to ShackTactical, our community is much appreciative of the content in which they’ve released. Without a majority of these mods, gameplay simply would not be as enjoyable. ________________________________________________________________________________________ .Unit addons: .Kuik’s Winter Pack .US Navy SEALS .Project Royal Army Corps of Sahrani .Red Hammer Studios’ Armed Forces of the Russian Federation .KSK Retex by Brainbug Again, much more will be added to this list as it’s requested. we are an 18+ preferred unit, we accept by application.