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  1. I'm also curious about this. I've tried finding info on what AiA standalone is and what it will mean for us IF44 lovers. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect?
  2. I wanted to try reinstalling again, but now the tutorial video on how to do it is gone. Not going to be easy, this ;)
  3. What I didn't do was to ckick install on arma2 and arma2 OA' date=' and after doing that I could start the conversion process. Starting the game up it threw me a bunch of error messages a,bout missing things etc. and the UI was completely borked. I couldn't manage to load any of the IF content, either as missions or in the editor, and eventually the game froze. Doh! Sounds like my experience.
  4. Yes I tried setting it to ARMA2 Free's path, but it doesn't change status from "Not Detected". Not sure if it's me doing something incorrectly, as I find the PWS interface to be a bit unintuitive, so let me ask: "Game directory" needs to be set to the ARMA2 Free folder inside the SteamApps/Common folder? Are the additional game folders important to set? Are the Mod and Synq folders important to set? Thanks for you patience and support!
  5. Kju, thanks a lot for getting IF into Arma and keeping the dream of a great tactical WW2 simulation experience alive. I have a question: Earlier in the thread it sounded like it was possible to use ARMA Free instead of ARMA2 OA in PWS, to be able to do the conversion into ARMA3, or am I wrong? I'm not having any luck with it.