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  1. wolx

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Thank you Shammy. I really like the grip placement on the mag.
  2. wolx


    AK-47's for everyone! Forgot to say great job on the mod.
  3. wolx

    ADF Uncut

    The DL link seems to throw up an error (Nothing Here).
  4. Hi forum, I am trying to set up a LAN game on my laptop and was wondering if there is any way to force players to download the mods I have installed so they can see them?
  5. OK, thanks for the answer. Is there a way to change the thread to answered?
  6. This project looks very promising. Especially the climbing.
  7. wolx


    Realy cool mod. Thank you!
  8. Thanks a bunch for modding the FAMAS into ARMA, it is one of my favorite weapons.
  9. wolx

    ADF Uncut

    Huge thanks for the mod. My friends and I have been having a blast using it.
  10. Nice mod. Keep up the good work.