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    Altis Life RPG

    @KPbISS Hi there! Can you tell me if the respawn menu works for your server? Where I play we all respawn on an island somewhere, no respawn menu. Or I can change it so the players respawn exactly where they died, but I wanted the respawn menu. Also can your cops Impound vehicles? Mine cannot :mad:
  2. flish

    Altis Life RPG

    I've read that, been very happy with it, but it was not what I was asking for. In the end I can always add the players directly in the DB, but I'd rather not. What I wanted to know though is if there is a way to manage the Whitelist so only the admin can add people to it. I'm still interested if anybody knows how to do this. But now I have another problem: when a player dies they re-spawn on an island somewhere, all in the same place. Why is that? And is there a way to make them re-spawn where they died? (or somewhere in the vicinity?) thanks ETA2: I can get it to re-spawn where a player has died, however I see that there are some files with respawn locations. There are 5 such locations defined for Cops and it should open a menu and I should be able to choose where I want to re-spawn. The menu doesn't open though. Any ideas? ETA3: The Whitelist doesn't matter anymore, but I still have troubles with the respawn. The menu for a player to choose locations opens the first time he logs in, but if he dies he cannot choose the location for respanw. :( And the cops cannot Impound vehicles. Nothing happens. :( Also... is there any other forum that you know of, with a more active community?
  3. flish

    Altis Life RPG

    I managed to make the whitelist feature work - yay! - and I managed to figure how to close it so not everybody can get on it. Now, as an admin, how do I manage the whitelist itself? How do I add / remove people? Also, how can I assign somebody else than me to do this? But the important part is to figure how I would be able to do it before I delegate it :) Thanks, flish