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  1. i get his babies first! ---------- Post added at 18:46 ---------- Previous post was at 18:41 ---------- I get your concerns on this we have a very big timeline to cover I'm saying this campaign may be coming out a few weeks after the full mod which we are aiming for at least releasing the mod within 4-5 months is how long it looks like it will take us to get where we want to be mod wise. I have done Missions before for my old Unit and long Campaigns before also. Not as long as this but I have been making missions for a long time. If I really need to I will release the campaign in sections like Bohemia did for Vanilla Arma 3. (But shouldn't take me 3 months to get out the next section of the Campaign) If that helps settle you a little.
  2. Hey Guys, After writing this for the second time I am announcing a Campaign to be made beside this mod. I myself really wanted to create this here is some of the specifics this is not the finished product you may see way more. 30-40 Mission Campaign The Characters will have Background a of there own so you feel immersed and feel like your actually fighting insurrectionist. Big battles because ArmA and Halo. Real Voice Actors. Custom Terrain so you won't be seeing Altis again if we do get this Terrain Built. (Hopefully) I do also want to say I thought of this right before I went to bed last night so some of this will be changed I do not have any interests in downgrading only going bigger and better. Kingrey Signing off.
  3. I'm drafting you to now lol. Id have to get the model from TheDog which he's still working on :)
  4. xidarkreaper

    [WIP] F-22 Raptor A3

    Omg been waiting for a F-22 in A3 forever.
  5. I love you. That simple
  6. Yeah I'm still on vacation should be home by tomorrow but he offered the weapons and then I asked if he could finish the models as most of us have are hands tied. But yeah he's been basically drafted.
  7. Yes we are looking for people who can create Terrains. I'll send you a PM
  8. IndoorBradster I have a TS3 that we can talk in and that goes to everyone else working on this mod just send me a PM and I will reply with the TS3 IP. ---------- Post added at 23:43 ---------- Previous post was at 23:42 ---------- That's the Plan
  9. I will have to gladly accept that offer. I'm going to PM you.
  10. I'm throwing out there if anyone knows anybody who can do Config for Arma point them in this direction I'm having problems with the Warthog's config.
  11. Taking up on that offer for sure.
  12. I'll look into it they look really nice.
  13. Agreed the Army should look more like the Reach and the Marines a little lighter like the concept I showed.
  14. Yeah I've seen it before. I just ran across some concept of Marines and thought that they looked a little better then the Halo:Reach Marines that SpaceNavy wanted to do. What's your guys thoughts on it? http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101029230756/halofanon/images/c/cc/MarinesConceptArt.jpg
  15. Knew it after I'm done with the Warthog (And it's other variants Minigun,Gauss,Rockets) Then it is on to the Elephant and it's big brother as I want to call it the M510 Siegework basically the Mammoth from Halo 4. Did I mention the M510 had a Mini-Mac Gun?
  16. Is a M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle also know as the Elephant Crazy enough?
  17. Yeah I'm wanting to put in the Troop Transport taking a little break from it though but yes for sure their will be a Troop transport one.
  18. The Warthog model so far it's a little of scale which is a easy fix as TheDog stated. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/58861589601201981/392C1CBA2F4444E2076DCBE095D53A73434D79FE/ Also needs a bit of more work all around the edges.
  19. xidarkreaper

    TheSn4k3 addon wip thread

    Nice loving the C-2a I'm going to PM you some Idea's I've had.
  20. Something that would be cool to be put into this mod is the M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platform (Mammoth in Halo 4) or the M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle (Elephant From Halo 3, Wars, ODST.
  21. So I do want to ask will we be seeing a difference between (Army,Marines, and ODSTs) Like the ODSTs having better Armor so they can take more hits? Also how is everything coming together?
  22. xidarkreaper

    27th ID Recruiting

    Now first before I say anything about this unit the reason I picked the 27th ID was due to the fact their is way to many Ranger Units in Arma now. I'm kind of sick and tired of the Rangers but here we go. The 27th ID is a relaxed Realism unit we play and joke around when it's time to do so and we get are War faces on when it's time to do so. Now what does the 27th ID have to offer: 13+ Recruiting all we require is a high maturity level anyone below 13 may be considered but no promises. -TS3 server which has 25 slots (We are sharing with other people right now future plans is to have our own TS3) -Full Basic Training and then Advanced training for your specific MOS -Also we have plenty of MOS open (Rifleman, Fire Team lead, etc) Now units future plans due to only a few people being in the 27th ID I don't want to go throwing money at things that may never be used. -TS3 server for ourselves -Arma 3 Dedicated server -Website (Steam has a really nice Group System may use that instead) If you would like to join go to this TS3: Seek out 1LT Kingrey ---------- Post added at 18:05 ---------- Previous post was at 16:52 ---------- Also Additionally another way to contact me is my steam: Xidarkreaper We have finally gotten are own TS3 due to someone being awesome here is the IP:
  23. The Army Texture is looking okay but if you notice in the picture of the trooper he has a camo that's very grayish kind of like ACU. You might want to look into making something look a little more like that. Just my Thoughts
  24. xidarkreaper

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Keep up the good work Peral!