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  1. xidarkreaper

    Altian Forces Rearmed (ALFR)

    Glad to hear your back ToadBall. Really looking forward to this.
  2. This looks like somewhere I would desire to reside when I'm older. Looks great keep up the work
  3. I really like your thought but dude this is WAY to much for one guy I'm pretty sure here soon people will easily be willing to aid you but right now everyone is knee deep in the Make Arma Not War Competition. I'm going to send you a PM
  4. xidarkreaper

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Great job on making it to alpha!
  5. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." -Neil Armstrong Lol
  6. Looking good and the ones in H3 could carry 4-5 it was just a very rare occasion to get 4-5 marines to survive and get in.
  7. xidarkreaper

    Fort Benning [ Terrain WIP]

    With the Arma tools it's always a losing battle sad to see this cancelled.
  8. This will be dropped from pelican and I do desire to make it to were it drops one specific weapon with maybe 3-4 mags along side it. (Depends on weapon)
  9. Made this in under 40 minutes still needs a lot of work.http://i.imgur.com/3d6931r.png
  10. xidarkreaper

    United States Air Force

    The wait is real with this one!
  11. xidarkreaper

    United States Air Force

    longest hour in my life.
  12. xidarkreaper

    United States Air Force

    I guess no more sleep for me :)
  13. You are a God lol I look at this forum everyday and never noticed.
  14. Yes we do have plans on adding Civilians and Civilian Vehicles.
  15. Hey man if you need a partner I'm ready to play all the Halo's again too.
  16. I myself seem the same way as I intend we will try and push for the Elephant. This has not been yet talked about but in are next group meeting we will discuss the Elephant.
  17. So I will respond to this with the best I can for as I know we will be using for the 7.62 Rifiles the 7.62 Rifle Sound effects basically just ripping the gun sounds from the same Caliber weapon this is what I KNOW OF! But that seems like the most logical thing to do for now but if I can get in Contact with Lord Jarhead we could possibly get some custom ones other then the base weapons. This is just from what I know no quoting allowed :)
  18. Hello, The 2MSOB is looking for people to fill our ranks. We are a Relaxed/Realism unit, we are looking for recruits who own ArmA 2:CO here is a list of some of the things we have to offer. Main Operation every week on Saturday at 8PM EST. Open Play Operations every other day at 8PM EST. A Custom FOB. A short Training Program. A Air Team if you desire to be a Pilot you must be one of the best. We have a 25 slot TS3 we are looking into expanding the TS3. We also are looking into getting a Dedicated Server. If you do desire to join or even talk and see if you like the place hop in this TS3:
  19. So here is the Answer to this we don't have planned on using real in-game character names yet. We do have planned however having all the Developers names will be used under the Infantry (Story) Tab and you will see all the Developers making a show up in the Campaign as for let's say Romeo from ODST we only have planned his helmet. Also here is a small hint to the campaign (126)
  20. I do want to announce to everyone that's looking forward to this mod that all the Devs will be conducting a Hog Race the Date and time has not yet been confirmed but it is confirmed that it will happen shortly before the Alpha Release of the Mod. I will soon be posting on what will be included in every stage i.e Alpha, Beta, Full Release, and then extended support.
  21. I was looking into some fighters and other things that we could do but here is one that stuck out to me. It's called Falcon too.
  22. So Basically AtinAkiri is getting at here is being Lore Friendly is awesome so is having facking Hornets and Falcons are too. ---------- Post added at 05:30 ---------- Previous post was at 05:29 ---------- Welcome to the team and also that is looking pretty good so far! well a edit to this is the Hornet was produced in 2424 so yes it does fit into the time frame
  23. Well to respond to this yes their is we have planned a Hornet the Falcon is a Maybe but I see no reason why we couldn't. We have a great team who can bend ArmA to it's limits.