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  1. Dear community. I've looked in videos and post up and down, now I have to ask advice as I cannot get this to work. I have an airfield with 6 helicopters with pilots named (variable name) pilot1 to pilot1_5 (by copying the first they are assigned the _1 etc). I initially started with a placing the chopper and naming the pilot. Placed a move waypoint, then the flightpath with move wp. finally a transport unload wp. on an invisible helipad. each pilot had their init named pilot1_1 disableAI "MOVE" ; (corresponding pilot name) trigger was named as such, with activation as "any player" in the area of the trigger. Hint "Active" ; pilot1 enableAI "MOVE" ; Hint "Active" ; pilot1_1 enableAI "MOVE" ; Hint "Active" ; pilot1_2 enableAI "MOVE" ; Hint "Active" ; pilot1_3 enableAI "MOVE" ; Hint "Active" ; pilot1_4 enableAI "MOVE" ; Hint "Active" ; pilot1_5 enableAI "MOVE" ; However they don't even fire engines, no nada zip zero. I then tried with the alive effect. Removed all names and init. placed a survivor and named him s1 (variable name) placed a trigger with !alive se and set waypont activation to 1st wp under heli with a string of other wp's until unload. Regardless of procedure above, triggers don't fire or pilots do not get the command somehow. Anyone can see the missing dot or what I'm doing wrong? Rags
  2. Hi again, Thank you for very thorough clarification. I make all the waypoints and triggers in the editor and I run my machine as host for the campaign I'm running. I'll dig a little into what you've written and get back.
  3. opusfmspol I'm afraid I don't quite follow you?
  4. Hi stburr91 Yes without the trigger, they just start and activate their waypoints and do what they are supposed to. Which is all well and good. I have tried with just one, but I don't know where the fault lies as it won't activate. Yes the trigger fires as in i see the hint "active" when I enter the trigger area. I have done it from scratch a few times, but the trigger firing it just won't accept. Tried it with a soldier out of vehicle it works. So maybe I can't "hold" them back as such in helicopters? Rags
  5. Hello everyone I'm trying to create a mission in Arma 3, where the players has escaped captivity and must gather gear anew. All is good and well with triggers for moving enemy units etc. But I wondered and haven't seen if it is possible to "rescue" captured units and take command. However I want the player to be able to leave them at certain locations for defensive postiontions etc. So if they free 3 soldiers, they could command them as a squad. Then if they reached home base, they could use them to fortify that location. So mostly just if it's possible to command and "release" units/squad. Rags
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    Taking Command

    Thank you zagor64bz i'll try that
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    Taking Command

    I'll take a look on armaholic.