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    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    After some testing it occurs to me that this is caused by the way of Benny´s hc implementation: troops are splitted --> server handles commanders ai (east and west) whilst the hc gets resistance and town occupation forces. That seems to be the wrong way, in fact hc has to handle all units with the result that the server can concentrate on other stuff (like mission calculations, synch, machine off hc overhead ...). Additionally you have to split cpu cores between hc and server depending on load.
  2. Dr.cremaster

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    He´s sitting in his cave and fiddles around with becti 0.98, I hope.
  3. Dr.cremaster

    ai test

    No I didn´t. In this mission there is only one player slot to avoid unpredictable ai calculations. Negative. It means, that you can have 200 ai soldiers doing nothing else than standing still and admiring the wonderful countryside. There is no shooting and no movement. The ai soldiers are just standing still. The mission was running on the arma3server.exe (MP), which seems to have no multithreading ability. Right now I am testing this with headless client, which is a special kind of client (arma.exe). With this setup also the other cores are slightly utilised but the main load stays on first core.
  4. Dr.cremaster

    ai test

    I´ve made a small test mission to check out the abilities of new server binaries. mechanism: The server creates a group of 50 soldiers every 20 seconds; between the creation of every unit is a delay of 0.5 sec. mission runs on dedicated server with following specs: core i7-4770, 32 GB RAM, 2 x 250GB SSD, OS: Win 8.1, no mods result: http://youtu.be/NYc7GkDLXro key for server monitor: - OC0 --> all entities - MEM Amount of allocated physical memory - FPS (on a server this means simulation cycles per second) - FPSmin (the minimum FPS of the last 16 cycles, hist. graph only) - CPS Condition-evaluation per Second (rel. to AI response delay, VM load) - PL# Number of alive player units - AIL Number of alive server local AI units - AIR Number of alive AI units on connected machines (remote) code: So in conclusion there is no multithreading.
  5. Dr.cremaster


    Firstly I want to say thank you for that mod. It´s awesome. :cool: However I have to report 2 issues: - it´s not possible to throw any grenade - the performance: while standing there and looking around everything is fine, but as soon as i start moving the framerate decreases by at least 10. (cpu and gpu load is around 20% during that) EDIT: After further testing i have to add something about the performance: it seems that not merely the movement itself, but rather pressing a movement key (WASD) causes the fps drop. So maybe this is related to the usage of extended event handlers.