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  1. Well, It took me some time. I needed to test a lot of different configurations. But unfortunately I cannot run well on Chernarus. But it is not the main problem. Ok, I will download it. Will it complain my multiplayer? Because @fallujah and @fata always complain when I try to get in a mp match. I always need to disable 'em.
  2. Yes, sounds promising. I am going to download and check it out. Is possible to choose the weapon in the Briefing?
  3. araripe

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Well, F.A.T.A and most of the Afeghanistan maps are great for tank battles, because they present open-areas with small vilages. Perfect for a tank mayhem.
  4. araripe

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Well, I will download the Baghdad map and check it out. Is it also big like Fallujah? What is the best website to find fotorealistic maps?
  5. Oh, thanks for the tips! Will the game look bad or is the Original Vegetation from earlier games also good?
  6. I will download this and check it out! Is it great for SP?
  7. I play on low/medium graphics with 25-35 fps. I use post-process effects and AA on low. 4 GB RAM 500 GB HDD Intel i5 3210M 2,5 Ghz Intel HD Graphics 4000 Windows 8 I run OA better than ArmA 2, because Chernarus has a lot of trees than lag my game a bit. But I get great FPS-rate in Takistan, Zargabad and in the Desert, for sure. But the best map for a great FPS-rate is without a doubt the map of Fallujah. Inside the city, I always get closer to 40 FPS, because the buildings and vegetations are from ArmA 1. And the city is in the real-size, simply awesome! I get 35 FPS on it with Civilians and Civilian Vehicles enabled.
  8. araripe

    Can you halo jump in the editor?

    I've tried a lot to create a Halo Jump mission in Fallujah. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it. So, I've added a pilot to the Rifle Squad, made him take control of the CH-47, move to the desired postion and disembark. It's not a safe option, because it makes the helo and the troop vulnerable to enemy fire, but you just need to select a Landing Point as far as you want of the enemy position. I guess than 450-580m is safer in-case of city insertions. For open-areas insertions I higly recommend more than 1000m of the enemy position, unless you get some good cover like a mountain difficulting the enemy visibility.
  9. You can download these files easily. Google 'em, and after downloading paste it in the Addon folder of your Operation Arrowhead. You won't need to update to the latest beta patch, and have troubles to play with guys using the Steam version. I have the Steam version, and the patch isn't updated. So I've needed to download these files to play DayZ (only for experience, because I prefer Military Simulation).
  10. araripe

    Arma 2 OA Map list

    Fallujah is the best one, for sure. It's about 50 km² of urban terrain and 100 km² total. And the map is fotorealistic. You can compare Satelite Photos with the in-game map and notice it by yourself. Every detail of the city is represented. Over than 3.000 buildings, some of 'em with great places to hide and snipe. A perfect map for Close Combat Battle. It is also great for the fans of realistic operation making, because in 2003 Fallujah became a large-scale Battlefield. You should find it by here easily. And the map uses some buildings and vegetations from ArmA 1. So, you can expect great FPS-rates playing with a lot of AI and Civilians. And the scenario keeps good by the way. Oh, I was missing another one! F.A.T.A (Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistan) is also fotorealistic, with 100 km² of terrain for virtual operations, with beautiful landscapes, mountains and some caves. The map is pretty cool and challenging. Presents some realistic and challenging roads, for who also likes driving in-game. Unfortunately the map isn't AI friendly. I guess the object placement wasn't so perfectly done. But It keeps great for PvP matches and basic co-op modes. You also can find this mod at the BI forum. Well, these two maps are awesome. They're my favourites, and I will keep looking for new ones to play.
  11. araripe

    ArmA 2: OA Tactical Guide

    Thanks for the tips, mate! I will read this artichle for sure! Well, AI isn't really good, but I do not have option. I am not with internet at home, and I really cannot play at the office. But thank you a lot! It'll help me a lot!
  12. Nice! Really cool weapons! Nice work, dude! Very detailed :D
  13. Well, I saw in some place than this map isn't recommended for SP missions. Is it truth? Because I've loved the map and I cannot wait for start creating some challenging missions for it.
  14. araripe

    Wiki's Creations

    Nice work, Wiki! I am starting at this world of mission making right now. I have uploaded my first job at PlaywithSIX. I am developing a bunch of new missions, and I will share 'em by here soon. I just need to add some new things and - maybe - dialogues and a complete briefing and notes function. But from now I need to master Triggers and Waypoints.
  15. Really cool! I am going to check it out! The project looks really great
  16. I am about to create a campaign in Fallujah, and I also wanna add some voices. I have the actors. I just wanna know how to add the voices in-game. Is it hard? What is the file format? Do I need any coding knowledgement? I am new by Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. Only 45 hours of gaming experience and half of it with the Mission Editor, learning about Triggers, basic coding, etc... If is it hard, can someone give me a link for a tutorial?
  17. Thanks for sharing! I am creating a single player mission in Fallujah map and I'll need some complex things like it! Thank you so much! I am going to release my project in a few days. Probably by here too, but I will upload firstly to Play withSIX ;)
  18. The map is awesome! Very detailed, realistic, cool! I can't wait to finish the download and play it! A really good work!