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    MK18 Mod 1

    Nice job! 10/10 Would download again
  2. MCC is awesome! I am having lots of fun with it! A must-have for the hardcore players. Very easy and fast to create a mission. 10/10
  3. araripe

    arma 3 crashing

    My Arma 3 always crashes too. It's normal. It's not a very stable game at all. I would recommend you to use some commandlines. Try these ones: -nologs -winxp -nobenchmark -windowed -nosplash -world=empty I am using these ones and my game is not crashing frequently. Without the commandlines, it used to crash each one hour of gameplay. Now, I can play more than 3 hours without a single freeze (only on windowed mode, by the way). Also, try to play only lightweight missions. Heavy missions, with tonnes of scripts, are used to crash sometimes, because they request a lot more of your processor. Good luck ^^
  4. araripe

    What Pieces to Change to Increase FPS?

    But I can run it find on single player. Should I try to overclock my processor to 4 or 5 Ghz?
  5. araripe

    When Will Arma 3 Be Shareable On Steam Again?

    And is the cheating trouble solved? I guess than not. Even the most secure anti-cheats like VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) aren't working well. Let's imagine this way: you share your account with a friend, and he cheats in your Arma 3. You get a BattlEye ban and can't play A3, A2 or DayZ. Is it nice? Guess than not. And let's imagine you also have some VALVe titles like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2. And he used cheats on these two ones. More VAC bans. It's not nice. I'd prefer to buy the game for my friend as a gift rather than simply borrowing my games and running this big risk.
  6. I am having lots of troubles with my Arma 3, actually. As I saw on You Tube, Arma 3 Early Alpha could get more than 35 fps on ULTRA Settings with 4 GB of RAM, Intel i5 3210M and Intel HD 4000 (I have the same hardware). In this recent version, I get only 38 fps on "almost low" settings: Textures, Vegatation and Objects on high, shadows off and anything else on low. It makes me sad, because Arma 3 is a very sexy game and I am wondering when I'll be able to play it with an acceptable look. I don't want much. I only want to get 30fps+ on single player with shadows enabled. And what about improving the multiplayer? I have huge fps drops! From 30-35 fps to 5-10 fps. It's insane. No one game acts like it. I paid a lot for this game, and I expect to be able to play it. My computer is inside the minimum requirements, then, I guess it really NEEDS to run. Otherwise, I'll need to ask for a refund, 'cuz I bought it because of the minimum requirements. EDIT: While configuring my game, I found this: I am thinking about changing it to 0. Should it disable HDR effects, then?
  7. araripe

    How to disable HDR

    Well, unfortunately the result wasn't as good as I was initially expecting. First of all, the minimum HDR is 8. It's impossible to turn it off (WHY, BOHEMIA? WHY? WHYYYYY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?). Now I am a bit frustrated. I was expecting to get more than 1K hours in Arma 3, but it crashes almost everytime. I can get solid 30-40 fps in singleplayer, but it drops a lot while in multiplayer mode. I am really sad now. I expected more of BI team at all. I guess than I'll buy Operation Flashpoint (yeah, dat Codemasters bullshit), 'cuz it's optimized and runs great here (yeah, it sucks, but at least runs here). Really sad. Time to go back to CSGO
  8. araripe

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    I like both, but no one plays A2 anymore. Then, I need to prefer Arma 3. But, in fact, I love both the same way. Arma 2 is the best one for a great and immersive single player experience. But Arma 3 does more than great in the multiplayer, bringing something very addicting. The only big problem of A3 is the MP optimization itself. If you get 40-50 fps in the campaign, you'll get less than 20 frames in the mp. Sad but true.
  9. Well, Arma 3 looks perfect for me. The only thing than really annoys me a bit is about the optimization at all. The game runs like a crap here. I don't have a good hardware at all, but It could run the game on ultra settings in the early alpha stage. Now the HDR stuff eats tons of Frames, and it can't be disabled. I am wondering if is possible to disable the HDR effects.
  10. Looks like it's the same glove, but with some different collors.
  11. araripe

    When Will Arma 3 Be Shareable On Steam Again?

    Man, when a game isn't shareable anymore is because it won't be shareable again. If you want to share your ArmA with someone, just bring your friend to your home. Have a nice day.
  12. araripe

    What Pieces to Change to Increase FPS?

    I have a crap notebook (4 GB RAM, i5 3210M, Intel HD 4K), but I get about 29-40 fps with Textures, Objects and Vegetation on HIGH and shadows disabled, and all the other stuff set by default or off. Unfortunately, I get less than 15 fps while playing the multiplayer mode. Can someone help me?
  13. Great! Can't wait! What about a map too? xD
  14. Of course! I would bet you should run it on medium/high or something closer to it.
  15. Well, I downloaded the game some days ago and I got 35-40 FPS on singleplayer. Multiplayers works well, but sometimes the screen freezes, and I need to Ctrl Alt Del and Log Off, and then Log On again. It only happens on MP, by the way. Is there any commandline to increase the performance or something like it? ArmA 3 on lowest graphics is very ugly :(
  16. araripe

    Worth getting ArmA2?

    I hope BI will optimize ArmA 3, or at least make the LOW look a bit better. Because the Arma 3's low graphics looks like PSOne and it keeps very laggy. It's impossible to understand.
  17. araripe

    Worth getting ArmA2?

    If you enjoy hardcore Mil Sim, ArmA 2 is the best one for you because of ACE and the vast content. ArmA 3 is poorly optimized yet. As I always say, ArmA 3 is for who owns a pretty awesome computer. The graphics below highest settings are horrible. My notebook isn't strong, so I only can run A3 on lowest specs. The game on low seems like a PS2 game or whatever. Games like Far Cry 3 and Dead Island keep beautiful even on low. I prefer to play A2, because even on medium the graphics are better than A3 on low/medium. But, if you have money, upgrade your pc and run A3 on ultra. Then, you won't need to think about buying A2.
  18. Very great job! Really perfect :) Going to download as soon as I finish the Arma 3 download
  19. But won't it increase the temperature of my notebook?
  20. Really great job! Awesome! I am going to download ArmA 3 tomorrow and this will be my first mod for sure!
  21. Awesome mod, dude! I bought ArmA 3 exactly because of the huge amount of brazilian mods for it. And then I came back to the BI forums and saw this wonderful one. Perfect mod as I can see. I am going to download ArmA 3 tomorrow, and the first thing I'll do is proceed with the installation of your mod. A great job, for sure! I am brazilian too and a huge fan of your work. Awesome ;)
  22. I bought Arma 3 yesterday, but I am not sure if the game will run or not. My specs below: 4 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel i5 3210M 500 GB HDD OBS: I can run ArmA 2 on medium graphics with acceptable fps
  23. Dudes, I am starting at the art of Mission Development, and I wanna know how to create a mission with heli insertion and extraction, and also adding a basic text chat (no voices). Can someone help me with it? The mission should start with everyone inside the chopper, moving to the desired position. Is it possible?
  24. Thanks for the link! I will check it out