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  1. @ lincolnlou: From what I saw on the previous page, the team is focusing on the BAM patrol boat/vessel instead of the ones "that can hold landing craft", I guess because (as Mickleitor said) the BAM ("Maritime Action Ship") is small enough to be both drivable when everyone's seated and walkable when it's stopped, and it can carry/support one helicopter (presumably the SH-60 Seahawk mentioned in the roadmap's Armada Pack, although the NH90 in FFAA 6.0.3 should be supported) at a time in the hangar. While we're at it, have some external and internal views of the BAM.

    If the BAM could somehow also fit a sufficiently small enough and light enough vehicle onboard -- on the roadmap, only the VAMTAC was light enough -- then presumably the helicopter would be able to sling load it and thus airlift it to shore in-game...

    I see but thats pretty awsome you can still have a light vehicle on the ship and a helicopter.Do you know if the ship uses cruise missiles or anything? Be really amazing using some kind of guided missile system

  2. wow thats amazing i havent seen anything about the ship that can hold landing craft! i actually like to play on dariyah islands and use a landing craft but more then 80% of the map is sea so it be nice to have better access to the islands from other ships. Just use the Burnes landing craft and the ivory fridget. Hope there is some type of apc that can go in water also. Tested all the new vehicles on this map and they all drive in deep water witch is nice but i did notice that the APC again has another issue and it wont die in water i can drive as far as i want into the sea and not die.... gonna post a screenshot for u here

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  3. Hey there tested out the mod and had a really fun time with it. Lighting with the EMU is pretty awsome haha. But i didnt notice there is somthing up with the apc.. the rounds dont explode even when i am using the right type of rounds i can hear the explosion from the rounds just cant see it. Also This mod really needs sea based units or somthing that can transport everything... some kind of cargo ship or somthing so you can move tanks across islands and what not.

  4. Hey there i gotta say the Berret and other sniper that came with this mod are amazing and sound effects are also very good. But the M16s and other weapons sounds are not the best... the A3 sounds do not match it at all .. like the MGs. Also wondering is there a way to zoom in or somthing with the global hawk? it was built to spy but kinda sucks when you are like a mile up in the sky and cant really see the the stuff down below... so like a two type of zoom would be really awsome... also the Reaper u cant lock onto cars or anything. Last thing i have to say is that i cant get Igiload working with the cargo Ac130 not sure if its the mod or i am doing somthing wrong.