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    MRAP Maxxpro-Light armoed Vehicle

    haha ya i remember it taking at least 5 RPG hits before blowing up and on Clafghan this was the best thing to use... and its fast and can have i think up to 6 people riding in it?
  2. lincolnlou

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    This mod truly looks amazing and i want to say thank you for bringing these aircraft back from the dead... arma 3 is really needing somthing like this and its gonna work great for mine cause ive been trying to create the Heavy M8 Buford for arma 3 and it was gonna be our para droppers light tank cause u can drop it out of a plane and helps me alot that u brought a plane i can drop my tank out of
  3. lincolnlou


    how long until this is out?