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    =BTC= Revive

    I have a question or two. Yes I have tried searching through all 122 pages of this thread. So I'm testing the newest version of Revive. I've got all the scripts moved over into my mission folder WHICH is an MP mission which I am previewing. We are using PG Services which are independent. Q1 - Does it need to exported to MP Missions for it to work or can you just preview it as a WIP MP Mission and it will work? My understanding is YES it can be done in MP Preview The mobile respawns and the base respawn all work great. Q2 - With or without a firstaid kit (even though I have it enabled) I cannot (or my friend who is online on my hosted server) revive anyone. It doesn't give me the option to or him. Q3 - Is there a way to set limited respawns (say 2) and revives based only on how many first kits are available to use on the healer and the wounded? Encourage team-work but allow a respawn if necessary. Q4 - Whenever I die, as host I have to lay there and wait until my timer runs out (btw the timer flickers on me.. anyone else have that problem? No doubt its my POS computer). Whenever my friend dies he can move his camera around and turn around. Can I just set everything black so when you die you lay there in darkness with no options do anything? For everything. It's curious how he can do things but I cannot. Drag and carry work (though carry is glitchy looking so I don't use it). Last question. Q5 - Whenever someone is wounded like my friend, even after he heals himself it still gives him a marker saying he's wounded and gives me the option to drag him or carry him.. even pull him out of vehicles. Should I just dump the scripts and start over.. maybe something got broken?
  2. This is amazing!!!! I agree with adding the AAF Desert camo scheme to these but they're all amazing. Any updates on the work?
  3. L33CHW33D

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    WW1, Korean War, or the late-1800s! Definitely!
  4. L33CHW33D

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    You said if anyone wanted the explosions for the 20mm to ask. I would that very much... a very dusty realistic looking one too (everything you do is realistic anyways). :) And if possible any way to make the ground light up on thermals for a minute or something wherever that darling of a round falls? Thank you. If people disagree maybe add it as an optional add-on.