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  1. I still love VTS ... unfortunately editing this Mission in Eden completely breaks it ... :( I hope L etragner comes back to arma....
  2. Hi ... absolute awesome work! ... It was an cool session wandering around and finding new Eastereggs ;) ... (and some little bugs too - (obejcts not on groundlevel near entrance to military bunker)). I felt like i was some lone survicor wandering around ... seems like a perfect mixture between a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and some Zombie-like settting. Keep up te work!
  3. I use the Hotfix but the game still crashes near Solnichniy (works ... wrong file inserted -.-) ... to sad, that this mod will have no more updates ... i loved playing on Chernarus!
  4. I built a Base Complex, I often use as a starting point for my events, in VTS. Is it possible to somehow "import" the exported VTS Mission into the normal Arma3 Mission Editor ? Greetings, Dwarfex
  5. hey :) first - thank you, for your awesome work! and second ;) is it possible to remove trees, bushes and/or grass somehow? - like for building own bases / complexes ? greetings, Dwarfex
  6. Hey, VTS is absolutely awesome, i've used it since early versions in arma 2 :) I have a few questions about some features and how they work, hope you can help. -Is there a method how to detect IEDs and disable them, which were generated by VTS _isIED script? -How do i ignite an IED spawned into mission as ammunition as a Gamemaster? - It would be totally awesome if there would be a possibility to include the Virtual Ammo System / Box to be used like VTS _is"SpecailProperty" - Script, unfortunately i was not able to implement it manually due to my non existing scripting knowledge. and finally : is the "rest weapon" function still available? pressing "+" on numpad doesn't work for me (i saw a server using "H"-Key, and i know it was using the standalone VTS weapon resting script) btw: Helicopters in Beta 25 work like a charm! go on with your work! :) greetings, Dwarfex