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    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    All, I apologize if someone has already posted this; I didn't see it. I was able to get the HALO Jump script working on my dedicated server. As noted previously, the line that exits if dedicated needs to be removed. Additionally, I changed the call command in heloHALO.sqf to an execVM and it works great. I have not tested this in SP for backwards compatibility. My heliHALO.sqf code now looks like this: _veh = _this select 0; _unit = _this select 1; _alt = (getPos _veh select 2) - 3; _dir = direction _veh; unassignVehicle _unit; _unit action ["EJECT", _veh]; _unit setDir _dir + 90; sleep 0.1; [_unit,_alt,true,true,true] execVM "COB_fnc_HALO.sqf";
  2. Massi, Thank you very much for putting these together! They look amazing! :notworthy: I have a question: I have a squad.xml patch setup that displays correctly on the built-in CSAT officer uniform (please see image below). I didn't see my patch show up on any of these loadouts that I tried (I *think* I tried them all). Do I need to do something different with my squad.xml, or is this capability not built in to the models? If it doesn't currently exist, might the unit patch feature be added in a future update? Thanks!
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    Shuko, First off, thank you very much for developing Taskmaster. I'm just starting out with the ARMA 3 editor and this system is really helping me out! I noticed I couldn't get the objective marker text to come up when I defined it in my initialization. My code: ["Task1","Destroy Radar","Destroy the air-search radar. This will allow the usage of airborne support assets during operations in this AO int he future.",WEST,["markerTask1",[4358,3893,235],"selector_selectedMission","ColorRed","Destroy Radar","Icon", 2] The way I fixed the issue on my end was to modify line 287 in shk_taskmaster.sqf. This line previously read "_color = _tmp;". Since this section of code was for adding the text to the marker, I assumed this was a simple copy/paste error. The line now reads "_txt = _tmp;" and the text now appears next to my markers. I apologize if this is old news. As far I can tell, v0.39 is the latest version, and I couldn't find any explanation online regarding the missing text. Thanks again for all your work on this! :D