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  1. Iron Front was marketed as a stand alone game. You all are forgetting this. So, please don't be ignorant. Yes it is free if you own ARMA. If you DO NOT, FREE is irrelevant. I actually own ARMA 2 CO and III, but my friends don't, therefore they've been forgotten. Here's another issue related to 1GB ATI cards. My guess is there was no testing on these cards, because the Arte-facts over the objects are present. As soon as you increase the VRAM memory to HIGH, the Arte-facts disappear but not all. And performance drops around 5-10 fps Please don't tell me I've got the driver issue, all my games ( … vanilla ARMA 2 CO, or Iron Front Lib'44 ...) work 100%, with one exception ARMA IF MOD.
  2. Free ? You're mistaken mister. Just because you own ARMA series it doesn't mean the others do. There are people who are not into modern warfare. They've bought IR Liberation '44 as it is. And now what, they have to spend quite a lot of money on products they're not interested. i am not arrogant. I am simply angry. First they release the game in a state that shouldn't be on the shelf. And now this. Even if they release 1.06 patch for Iron front I still wouldn't thank, but forgive at least. It's shame that a such beautiful game has a such roller coaster. ---------- Post added at 07:29 ---------- Previous post was at 07:20 ---------- Did you play the game yet ? There isn't fully damage system implemented ... I could go with a list all night.
  3. Got ERRORS too, too many, and hips of other issues like map with no texture ... poorly tested before RELEASE !