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    COWarModI44 Compatible

    Thanks for the reply Gunther, I guess I'll just launch it manually. Your great work on the ifwarmod got me into i44 again. Endless fun to be had. You and the team have really opened up the possibilities for WW2 in arma. Cheers!
  2. jarlithian

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    Hey sounds cool. Just wondering if there is or will be a play with six version of the i44 cowarmod ?
  3. jarlithian

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    People really need to start reading the thread. This issue was not only mentioned in the release text but has been answered numerous times already on this thread. Those involved in releasing this have collectively spent hundreds of man hours organizing and testing and you can't spend five minutes reading what they post?
  4. jarlithian

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Hey guys I'm completely new to the forum. Registered specifically to express my gratitude to all involved in the various projects in getting iron front over to Arma. It's been a wait but totally worth it. Just been playing around in the editor in arma3 and the game has really been given new life. Looking forward to what's next and you have my sincerest thanks and respect. Great job!!!