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  1. SO.. I'm having a slight problem when playing the mod. When I manage to shoot a tank to the point where it blows up, it will make the game lagg like crazy. After the inital explosion of the tank, it will explode again, multiple times. over and over and over and over again sevral times per second, with huge fireballs aswell making the fps drop down to almost 1.. and it will keep exploding for MINUTES.. Is this a problem with the mod, arma 3 or IF? Any insight on this would be great, because if its a problem within the mod Then I can report it as an issue. Thanks :)
  2. I've installed it using the steps provided to me through the setup site. I can get the game running, I can go into the editor and place down units, all fine and dandy. However the units i place down uses the arma 3 models and not the ww2 models, They do however use ww2 weapons. Also on the Iron front maps I get this screen tearing with a black line running through the entire screen? Can somebody tell me what I did wrong and how to install this properly. Thanks. ---------- Post added at 07:10 ---------- Previous post was at 06:38 ---------- Okay I got it to work. It appears that I missed a simple step in the installation process. And that was to download the @IFA3 file and put that folder into my arma 3 folder. It now works flawlessly!!! :D I am so happy ww2 in arma 3.. Amazing. I think that if you didnt get it working most likely you missed something simple. Go back to the guide, read everything, and look if you missed something. Because this does work. However, I think we can all agree that we need a more in depth guide thats dumb and sloppyproof for all us numbnuts out here. Great work, I absolutely love it! Keep it coming. And for the love of all that is holy will you just team up with I44 team already! Gosh.
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    So i've installed according to the instructions on the setup page. It works like an absoulte charm! However, for some reason the soldiers in arma 3 only shows the default clothing and not the Iron front ww2 clothes. This is ofc when I place down the soldiers in the editor. Help? what did I do wrong? ---------- Post added at 04:09 ---------- Previous post was at 04:07 ---------- oh crap i made an entirely new thread when I wanted to reply. Now... Where is the delete thread button O_O