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  1. The CPU under load is running at 3.4Ghz but it adaptively changes that speed changing from 3.1Ghz to 3.4Ghz checked it with turbo boost monitor under full load my CPU goes up to 60*c and this heat wave is not helping gone up to 64*c when I had my GTS 450 it was able to run arma 3 quite we'll only draw back is it pushed the +12V rail to 12.8V which was over the +-20% tolerance ratio resulting in the motherboard hitting 80*c killing my WD caviar green now have a caviar blue.
  2. Polymath820

    Are you allowed? Learn from?

    It is A3's models I need because I need access to the Uvmaps to work out where all the textures go on guns I just wanted to add a bunch of additional camouflages to weapons etc... I am not sure if Bohemia allows this because the modding licence appears to have changed stating " you may edit, distribute content under the provisor you do not use any security methods or restrictions to the arma 3 content given you do not profit from them or gain and endorse a product. I also would like to open the flashlight attachment textures etc I want to make a tactical light... The weapon UVmaps are invaluable because otherwise I can't add the textures to any weapons until I unwrap the Uvmaps.
  3. Disk I/O is pretty quiet in arma 3 sitting at around 1 - 5% total capacity. So it must not be that.
  4. Overclocking is dangerous and not worth the risk I've been told my a computer technician to get an I7-3770k Ivy Bridge. But it's $450... I am not paying that to get a 10 - 20% performance increase, this is what eggs me people say "ohh I got a 30% increase in performance" yeah? You do know in 1994 - 1998 there was a 300% increase in performance?
  5. Polymath820

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    How do you know the 120Hz monitors are not a gimick? What solid information have you been given in regards to 120Hz monitors other than the companies specifications documentation? Condescending attitude is not going to resolve issues. It's not negative prejudgement it's just looking over the BF4 forums people are very disgruntled with the program and we are now way off topic. and I mean way, this is not "debate forum where nothing gets done". CPU and FPS issues only.
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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I reserve judgement From an objective point DX has done things most people could never have dreamed of when I was about 16 - 17 I was tracking the work CryEngine were doing with Linear Lightning Calculation and DX 11 Image tessellation. I also got a taste of how anti-aliasing actually works and how bigger the mathematical function is to process it. No wonder PC's have trouble with it is a mixture of trigonmetric functions and base 2 logarithms. As stated in multiple PC magazines: PCAuthority,PCMag,APCMag,Atomic, they have said the juries out on whether mantle will mean anything. DirectX API was used to do CryEngines linear light calculation, and it was not easy, considering calculating ray-tracing in a manner that was efficient enough to be fast and stable enough to run on PC's without a hitch, but then you look at the "hacker central with all the Crysis games"... Sorry but I respect Microsoft and DirectX how can we just insult microsoft in their face over DirectX after 19 years of it's operation providing a framework for all PC games since 1994. And it would have taken millions and millions of dollars just to develop DirextX All the hype about Mantle is a "marketing" gimick just like 100Hz TV which were really (Subfield engines) and 200Hz TV's and 120Hz monitors I maintain objectivity and say that, if people start saying Mantle works then ok, and it needs to be a large enough statistical quantity that warrants it to be looked at. Other than that sit on the fence and observe. Waiting. Watching. Studying. Then and only then make a judgement. But even after you make a judgement things continue to change and maintaining a solid absolute judgement would be flawed in the lack of adaptability and moving with the updates. What I think would be truly "revolutionary" would be a "universal graphics development platform" that allowed both AMD and Nvidia to play nice. Sure they can have the proprietary hardware components and software, but have a universal platform in which games can use. Yet that's easier said than done. Just like I postponed purchasing BF4 while I wait for the class action to turn out and the quantity of people of keep complaining about crashing and malfunctioning to decrease.
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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Gahh can't post links -_- P.S Thank you for the help Ranwer Mantle won't help, BF4 supports mantle it doesn't help the game is still as unstable and as buggy with no performance increase really in sight. Mantle is also very infant like and, DirectX took from 1994 till today to mature thats what... 19 years of development from DX6 to DX11.2 and mantle has had about 1-2months at most... Mantle: Immature Prepubescent child DirectX: Sophisicated Wise Oldman