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  1. Potato-Chan

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Is it possible to disable the "trippy" effects you get when you are badly hurt? It's pretty harsh on the eyes.
  2. Potato-Chan

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    I feel that BIS is on the right track with this dlc, stuff like this is cool.
  3. If you bring out a mod with my ms paint mecha designs that I posted in steam chat a few months ago I'm going to be upset. Also this mod is really good.
  4. Potato-Chan

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    It saddens me that we will never have the glory that is the battle bus in arma 3. Imagine that shit with the power of physx, it would turn into an AC-130 when it hits a small bush.
  5. Potato-Chan

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Needs more conflict, maybe a CSAT commander does the same thing and you end up challenging him to a Kart race, loser has to close his track down, most of the game can be training up for that race and maybe even racing some of his troops.
  6. Potato-Chan

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Why not just use the Leopards as police cars?
  7. Potato-Chan

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Give the karts, don't tease like this BIS.
  8. Potato-Chan

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    That I did. http://i.imgur.com/IP3vYn5.jpg (A-164 "Wipeout" Cockpit) http://i.imgur.com/JWI6Ciu.jpg (To-199 "Neophoron" Cockpit) and a few other things; http://i.imgur.com/x1ZEmTI.jpg (Beach cubicles) http://i.imgur.com/UQ864WH.jpg (Lifeguard tower) http://i.imgur.com/0iks7Ib.jpg (BLUKING, BE A KING TODAAAY) http://i.imgur.com/7q1Vf4M.jpg (one of those roundabout things) http://i.imgur.com/I0ypWfC.jpg (a slightly angry trash can with trees that haven't loaded in yet) (sorry for the low quality textures)
  9. Potato-Chan

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Whoops, I forgot a few things; New OPFOR trucks: http://i.imgur.com/jmZ0aW5.jpg (Not sure what that thing is on the back) http://i.imgur.com/kXrzzcR.jpg Insides of trucks: http://i.imgur.com/vUZWQkC.jpg
  10. Potato-Chan

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    http://imgur.com/a/sYjxA Also Steam seems to be up now.
  11. Potato-Chan

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    From pictures/video's it's what the place looks like, it was abandoned for some reason a few years ago. The place looks more run down in the real life then it does in arma.
  12. Potato-Chan

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Normally they say when there's no update, might still be a bit of hope. EDIT Oh nvm, didn't see the twitter post.
  13. Potato-Chan

    Sangin WIP

    Looks good.