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  1. Hey, I'm really new to the Arma series and to the whole scripting. I have clocked only 158 hours in Arma 3 yet. What I'm trying to do is create a missions where a small demolitions diver team insert by SDV to the objective. What I want is an Assault boat diver team to patrol the area and if they detect the SDV they will disembark and attack the SDV. Your script works fine with land units but I have a hard time to make it work with the scenario. Using only your script, the patrol just reacts to the trigger and then just speeds away from the SDV without disembarking the divers. I have tried with the patrol team to "get in" an empty assault boat. I have tried to change your script so the "get out" is "TR Unload" so the assault boat would drop the divers near the SDV. Thx for the help, your script will be a part in many of my missions.