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  1. Damn, too expensive for my blood, those kits cost around 300$ in my country. Getting timings down (15-18-18-36) got me 38.3, I guess I will tinker with my RAM more and try to get something like stable 40fps, 45fps (I hope) if possible
  2. I built my ryzen system and it seems something gone wrong? What I need to improve to get at least 44 frames? I think RAM timings are the case, maybe I should try 2933 CL15? full specs: Ryzen 2600 non-oc (boosts up to 3.9GHz anyway, my mobo (ASRock B450 Pro4) probably won't overclock it beyond 4GHz) RX580 8GB Nitro+ 16GB 2x8GB CMK16GX4M2D3000C16W (16-20-20-38 timings, hynix chips) Arma is on Crucial MX500 M.2 SATA 250GB SSD along with Windows No mods were launched, pressed "s" for standard settings.
  3. Thank you all, If price will remain the save I will definitely go for RX580, cause 50+$ is still a lot of money, shops in my country probably overcharging for Nvidia because RX cards are rather unpopular in my country
  4. I have yet another question, how RX 580 behaves in Arma 3? Since prices on 1060 6GB spiked in my country (310$ cheapest with decent cooler, while 580 8GB Pulse is 249$) I recently watched Hardware Unboxed 2018 retesting of 1060 vs 580 and they show exact same performance in Arma. Needs someone's opinion on this
  5. Thanks! I'm already brought 2600 non-x so it's too late, but no problems since I can overclock it (brought Arctic Freezer 33 TR cooler specially for that task, 2600 + better CPU cooler is a better combo than 2600x + stock wraith cooler, and it's cheaper) I'm buying 16gb for futureproofing because it's steadily becomes the new norm. Kingston HX430C15PB3K2/16 RAM that is on my QVL (Mobo is ASRock B450 Pro4, btw) is becoming very expensive, so I will probably buy the CMK16GX4M2B3000C15R from Corsair cause it's the cheapest 3000mhz cl15 ram in my country, maybe I will wait some time till the price on Kingston drops to not lose on performance in Arma and my system overall, also some guys on reddit are saying that new ryzens (2000 series) have better ram compatibility than 1st gen, so maybe it worth a shot? And I already brought an SSD, it's Crucial MX500 250GB M.2 SATA Even if I get about 35 fps with no frequent dips I'd be very happy, i played arma 2 in the old days on athlon x2 6400+, 9500gt 512mb, 3gb ddr2 with arma on 500gb 5400rpm hdd https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cZMYtg - my full build, parts that are marked "purchased" is waiting on my table for me to start finally build my pc
  6. Hi everyone, I'm building a PC right now and hope to get 40-60fps in modded Arma 3 at tweaked settings (to get the best looks to performance ratio) My specs are: Ryzen 2600 (will overclock it to around 4GHz sometime later) GTX 1060 6GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000MHz CL15 (hopefully it will run at rated speeds, I will try to overclock it to 3200MHz CL14, I heard Arma likes low latency + high RAM speeds) So, stable arma is even possible on the latest Ryzen CPUs?