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  1. We are having the same issue. Tried it with several people and all have the same problem.
  2. They died and automatically respawned when the round hit them.
  3. How do I eliminate instant deaths and make all deaths a result of the death timer reaching zero. I recently did a training with my unit using this mod and a fireteam was hit with enemy mortar fire and they all instantly died. I want to be able to still get them back up until the death timer reaches zero.
  4. If you wanted to make it so people only died, as in forced to respawn or spectate, after the life timer expired how would you do that. I recently used this and we had people dying to explosions and various other things instantly. I'm sure it's just a variable just don't know which. Also we could no longer see the timer or blood percentage in the bottom right when perma knocked out.
  5. Is there a variable that shows how much blood a person has. From what I can tell the injured personnel has to inform the person treating them of the level while they were knocked out.
  6. When I disable the overdose effect I get a constant blur on the outer edge of my screen. Is it possible to disable that blur?
  7. When I try run "X39_MedSys_var_Pain_AllowMorphineOverdoseEffect = false" it stops the color effect but gives a permanent blur to the outside of my screen at all times. Wondering if there is a way to fix that. I ask because I would like to be able to use one morphine to resolve all pain so I changed the morphine effect to give 100%. So everytime I use it I overdose. So I don't want an overdose effect.