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  1. Have offer from friend for: 2080rtx Asus x470 prime pro 3200 cl16 gskill TT 750w Case TT cj23 Gonna buy 3700x and nvme evo 970. Maybe some aio water. What you think? I know, ram is not best but. I can sell that one and get 32gb better. Thats 1 of 2 options.. second is intel but muuch more expensive -.-
  2. ipetanj

    Ryzen 3rd Gen

    That koth video is nice, so it is performing good in city with 90+ players i guess? Fps is 35-50 depends on position.. The view distance is 1500m? Thanks for video. Please inform us with all the specs, ram mbo, ssd etc.. Would really help for making decisions :) Thanks!
  3. Anyway guys, what do you say about new ryzen.. im still waiting some arma benchmarks for 3900x or other ryzen cpu. I have doubts about i9 or some new ryzen.. 😄
  4. Hi, i can say from my experience that some Kingston series are bad. Low speed. And i also have kingston atm and i experience some microstuttering from time to time.
  5. Hi guys, what cpu/mbo/ram you recommend for nice fps in koth mainly. Current specs: Gtx 1060 6gb I5 4690k Asrock z97ex4 16gb Old intel m.2 ssd Kingston ssd. Most of the time i play on epm hc and eirnacken whatever its called hc servers(objects ultra, terrain low, 8x aa)@1080 res. And in the city i got on 1000-1500 view distance around 30-50 depends on how many players and position etc. Sometimes it drops below 30. Looking for stable 40-60 (city)if its possible. Ryzen or i7/9? Or i should OC that cpu?(not worth the upgrade?) Thank you!