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    Definetely one of the best mods for arma3, we've done few videos on this and it's really amazing and realistic. love the tornado and meteor effects. scary to play :) Here's a playlist of our ArmaGeddon gameplay videos I enjoyed making those videos and playing through the mayhem. I haven't encountered any bugs really, except that we spawned on roof once, but it was rather hilarious and HMG offroad is evil, it keeps blowing up for no reason. other than that, everything is cool. I really hope to see boats and diving gear, so that once the island is gone, then game is not over (well basically if you feel like swimming 10km, you can swim off the island lol), but i think it would be very nice if you can find diving gear and weapons that shoot underwater (SDAR is one of them i think?) and some NPCs who have diving gear too. or if possible, make NPCs spawn with diving gear once island is nearly gone or better yet, make them drop in from helis. underwater battles would be epic. and maybe 2-5 submarines across the map. Mr Jericho recommended to have battle royale version of this, i think it's also a good idea. Anyway, really good job on this mod / mission. i hope to see more updates :)
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    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    i find this disappointing, it is meant for keyboard noobs and it's nearly impossible to fly the helicopter with the "advanced" mode using a controller or joystick. when i first saw this advanced mode, i was hoping it's really ADVANCED, but instead it's basic that is meant for keyboard. very disappointed. i like the gauges and all, but still disappointing that it's meant for keyboard only. i hope to see REAL advanced mode in future. btw i'd also like to point out, that helicopter physics are completely wrong in arma3. developers, are you aware what is "gyroscopic motion" ? What i mean, is that when you look at the helicopter blades and then roll left slightly, then blades turn left < this is wrong, in real life, you do not move the blades to the direction you want to move, because of gyroscopic motion, you need to move blades 90 degrees off the direction you want to move to. anyone who don't believe this, look up real helicopter physics. you can even make a simple test with external HDD that is spinning, try to turn it like you turn the helicopter, feel how it tries to rip out of your hand and turn 90 degrees off from direction you turn it to. I think developers have lot of work to do in researching how real helicopters work. I like arma3 and i hope this will be fixed in future.