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    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    I suppose that's fair enough, although I stress that there is no good guys and no bad guys, IMO the Falklands war inst really not cared about, its not heard of, because only shortly prior to this war was the cold war which likely took everyone's attention. I guess you could always rename the factions as names like CSAT or something if that's what you reckon will happen. Besides who's to say they couldn't add those other armies you've mentioned in the Falklands game? Also, I should just mention Germany and Russia were both in Arma 2 and have already been done. Regardless of the rest of it, I still feel that setting the war in the era I mentioned meaning less advanced tech will provide a much more intense game experience. Glad you commented though, nice to see other people's idea of it.
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    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Whats your idea then, sport? From my own observations, many of the actual wars in Arma are very much fictional. Some are totally fictional, some seem to be slightly enhanced ideas of real situations. My idea for an Arma 3 would be set in a fictional version of the Falklands war. The first thing I'd like to note is that Arma 4 will likeley not come out for a good amount of years considering how advanced Arma 3 is. Because of this, its safe to assume hardware will advance, and because of this we can hope for larger maps. I was actually wondering if a map of the entire Falkland island would work. Its safe to assume so. How would the factions work? The game would feature BLUFOR - British Army/Navy/Air Force, OPFOR, Argentinian Army/Navy/Air Force, and INDEPENDENT as a Falklands island militia. We I feel that this would be a good idea because a lot of interesting military hardware is from the 70's and 80's. We could hope to see aircraft such as the Tornado, the Harrier, the magnificent Vulcan bomber. We would also bare witness to the Mirage, the Mk3 Centurion. Small arms would consist of the less accurate rocket launchers and many of the FN fal variants such as the L1A1. I've noticed many soldiers in this era even used some old ww2 weapons, the grease gun was still being used by Argentina during this war. Won't going back in time be kinda' lame? No UAVs or Heat vision? I think this step back in time is a great idea because while I do love Arma 3 i feel all the UAV's and digital this and infared that is taking some of the life from it, if you're in a situation you just call in a uav bomb the CSAT and walk in unharmed. Back in the 80's neither side had much advanced optics for weapons which will mean closer more intense combat. What about the editor? I think a more advanced yet user friendly editor would be crucial in doing this, I recently downloaded ALiVE mod for Arma 3 and I must say they've nailed it. Having a radio more along the lines of ACRE would be an ideal addition, the kind where if you're in a building your signal is weaker. I'd expect a very user friendly naval system including aircraft carriers where placing units on them is easy to do and very adaptive. I'd like to see the british ramped aircraft carrier particularly. So what would be different about this in comparison to the regular Falklands war? Well, firstly, in the Falklands war there was little ground combat, much of the war was aircraft bombing runs e.c.t, which as a game would be fairly bland. Beefing up the involvement of both countries military would be a start, I'm not too great with politics so i wont go into too much detail about the specifics, but I think its safe to say that we should have to same variatey of units we got from Arma 2 and Operation arrowhead. Speaking of Operation Arrowhead, what about expansion packs? Well, unlike what Bohemia decided with Arma 3, I think the campaign and all units should come with the game on release, I think as far as expansions go, perhaps including 3 new factions as well as new maps. Perhaps 2 smaller maps inside the UK and 2 smaller maps inside Argentina, suggesting the war has spread back to their mainland area. For the sake of getting into my idea, I'm going to say perhaps for the UK the outskirts of London and somewhere down in Cornwall would make interesting locations. As for Argentina, I'm not too familiar with interesting geographical places, so I guess that'd be up to Bohemia. I think as for the 3 new factions, I already mentioned America as the new independent faction. I say this because as far as I know America think Argentina should get the Falklands, while at the same time they are the UK's strongest Allies. This leaves them open to being on whoever side depending on the situation. The new Blufor faction would be British reserves, equipped with slightly worse gear but perhaps a different variatey of vehicles, not neccicarily better or worse. The same goes for Argentina. As for Civilians, they'd either be Falkland island civilians, British civilians or Argentinean civilians. Why is your idea so great then hmmmm? Well apart from what I previously mentioned about the less advanced tech, many people will notice the British and even more-so the Argentinean's are not really in games, especially military games. I'm not sure why, Britain has a pretty impressive military and Argentina didn't have too bad of one either. I say I don't know why, its obviously media. But I think we can change that. As mentioned before, sticking America in it will certainly spice things up, seeing a British vs American skirmish would be interesting granted they both have very decent military hardware and both prefer to make their own that outsource, meaning they wouldn't be fighting one another with the same vehicles as each other. Any other wise ideas? In Arma 2 and Arma 3 there were also some special forces, because of this I feel ensuring the CQC should be revamped totally, giving it a much richer feel, without reducing the game to a Call of Duty clone, not that that would EVER happen. The British could have the SAS, the Yanks could have Delta force or Seals, and Argentina can have GOE. These units can use a larger variatey of weapons to give the game more content, shotguns, SMG's, and even some beefy snipers. Usually I'd keep this idea to myself and convince myself I can make a mod that achives at least some of these targets, but in reality It would take a very skilled developer to achieve this, and i'm only a 2 year student in Video Game Development, so I can't really do this ,at least not to a standard that I'm doing it justice. Thats why I'm sharing this idea. Alternativeley, if the likeley even that Bohemia don't ever read this, I'd hope that someone contacts me about making a mod of this. I'm a fairly decent 3D modeller using Maya 3DS max and mudbox, so If anyone wants to try and make this an Arma 3 mod, please contact me. My Steam name is... ehem.. 'I enjoy the work of Liam Neeson' Short list of additional features - totally reworked and fluent animations - As well as a better editor, an in game map creator - a superior game mode for multiplayer similar to Warfare - realistic first aid module - terrain that alters through the seasons - ultra realistic sounds from ambient to gunfire to doorsteps - lush graphics such as wAter droplets and ripples on vehicles during rain - multiplayer campaign - Accessibility with items more, animations for adjusting scopes, setting up bipods and first aid eft - while arma 3s physics took a step in the right direction, I'd like to see a leap into next gen with physics that challenge most other games. - real weapon and vehicle names instead of the renamed ones in arma 3 - arma 2's gritty run down atmosphere - far more unforgiving flight models so players actually need to learn how to fly and must complete the tutorial before they can fly online Thank you if you made it this far down the page without being infuriated with me for some grammar error or for thinking far too creatively in one sitting. I'd like to know what you guys think about my idea. Please please please let me know. Cheers :)