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  1. Hi mad_cheese, as you advised I tried to rebind SHIFT and ALT keys and it is working this way. When I try to rebind to initial settings, the problem reappear ; no joy nevertheless, I can use change formation and stance with mouse whell now. thanks
  2. Thanks a lot mad_cheese for this awesome mod. I can't understand why, but C2_Shift and C2_Alt modifier seem not working for me. For example I can't change formation and stance exept by using tab radial menu CTRL+SHIFT+RMB and CTRL+ALT+RMB (Forward Pell and Aussie Peel) are working good C2 configuration seems ti be ok too any suggestion ?
  3. oh Mad_Cheese, i feel so confused. :o YES !!!! the issue was the missing hotfix .Thanks a lot. I just tried it a few minutes, It looks great and powerfull. keep it on Winblow Ps : maybe you should add the hotfix in the 1st post:rolleyes:
  4. Please, Any advice? I confirm that without C2 the game is working fine. Windblow Envoyé à l'aide de Tapatalk
  5. Hi, IS there a possible problem with new version of CBA A3? I can't load the game if I enable your great mod.:( The error Displayed is : "No Entry 'bin \config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/ButtonPlay.textureNoShortcut'." I hope It can help Windblow
  6. @Gliptal : thanks a lot ... it is perfectly running now. Cool App:)
  7. @ Gliptal, it seems that everybody is able to make run your program, but I can't. Maybe could you add a note file "how to install and run TPW settings" step by step. Do I have to install only the executable folder ? all files ??? where ? is The .java exe you mention and .jar the same files ? :confused:. I am not code friendly... I feel like a joung baby a little lost. Thanks for your job anyway .:o @tpw : tanks for your great job Windblow